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12 Sunday
Went to Sunday School in morning
and taught primary. Only 7 there.
Went to Sunday School in afternoon. Had
Mr Hare for dinner and tea. Olive came to tea
Went to Chapel in evening and went carol singing

13 Monday
Very cold. Had our places given
us for speech day. Had five free lessons
at school as Miss Borrugh and Miss Baird
away. Got 20 lines from Miss Defew. Listened
to Monday Night at Eight.

14 Tuesday
Very cold and foggy. Had break
as soon as we got to school and then went
to cinema for a rehersal. Spent all the morning
there. After dinner. Went straight to the
cinema after dinner for prize giving. Mummy
and Daddy came. Did homework in evening.

15 Wednesday
Very cold. No fires at school
When we arrived but the coal soon came.
Had to have French instead of Science &
posted a letter to George. Had a History
test in the afternoon.

16 Thursday
Betty away from School. Did
weather maps in Geography. Saw
live plays acted in the afternoon
which were very good. Listened
to Itmar and did needlework.

17 Friday
Betty still away. Got on
alright in needlework. Did not have
hockey. But played rounders and
pirates instead. Hump came in afternoon
while we were at school.

18 Saturday
Very rought Helped Mummy.
all the morning. Had a bath and
afternoon and did needlework. Sergt
Hemsley took us to a super concert in
the evening. We got soaked coming home.

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