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28 Sunday
Went to Sunday Schol in morning
and taught primary. Went to Sunday school
again in afternoon and then finished my
homework. S.L. Hump came in evening.
I read a book and played the piano.

29 Monday
Not quite so cold. Miss Borough
still away so had two free lessons then
and two in the afternoon. Went out in
the dinner hour. Sewed and knitted all the
evening. Seargent Hemsley came in.
S.L Humps birthday

30 Tuesday
Did theory in
cookery again and had a test. Had a mass
singing rehersal and then a lovely game of
netball. Wrote to George in my free lesson
Did homework all the evening

December 1 Wednesday
Had a singing practise
first lesson. Miss Baird was very nice
in French. Wrote notes most of the time
in history. Did homework all the

2 Thursday
Missed Gym as had to be arranged
for speech day. Did cookery in my free lesson
Had a English test. Had a fairly easy French
test. Did some needlework in evening
and listened to Itmar.

3 Friday
Frosty and foggy. Had a
singing practise first two lessons. Got on
alright in needlework. Rained in afternoon
so played indoor games in the gym. Seargent
Hemsley came in evening. I did some needlework.

4 Saturday
Helped Mummy all the morning.
Got a bad cold. Had a bath in afternoon
and then Janet and I went to tea at Hilda's
Little Margaret is very sweet. Did
homework all through the evening.

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