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November 1943

21 Sunday
Went to Sunday School in morning
and taught Primary. Auntie Connie came
instead of Auntie Winne. Went to Sunday
School in afternoon. Wrote a history
essay in evening.

22 Monday
Very cold and foggy. Miss
Bourough absent so had two free lesson
as well as other two. Got most of my
homework done. Played patience in

23 Tuesday
Very cold. Did no cooking in
cookery, but had a theory lesson.
Had a singing practice and then had
a nice netball game. Had a lecture
by an ATS commander in afternoon.

24 Wednesday
Had two free lessons in
morning as Miss Borough still away.
wrote pages of notes in History.
Had some very hard maths sums for

25 Thursday
Missed our gym lesson. Did
not have a French test as we said
words of songs. Had a Geomerty test
which I got right. Had a lot of homework
but did not do it all.

26 Friday
Had a singing practise for
lesson did some of my sleeve in
needlework but did it wrong so had to
pull it out. Played hockey in

27 Saturday
Very cold. Helped Mummy
in morning and did some homework
Did some of my blouse in afternoon
and had a bath. Wrote an English
essay in evening.

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