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7 Sunday
Went to Sunday School in
Morning and taught Primary. Daddy
still in bed. Wrote a geography
essay in afternoon. Daddy got up
for tea.

8 Monday
Very cold. Started going to school
at 9.30 am. Mr and Mrs Hump
came to stay. Had quite a lot
of homework.

9 Tuesday
Made bread in cookery 2d.
Played netball and got very dirty.
George came back from his sea voyage
Mr and Mrs Hump went to party.

10 Wednesday
Quite cold, Mummy
and Mrs Hump went to Ely in afternoon
Saw George when we came home from
school. He was just off to Newmarket.
Had a lot of homework in evening.

11 Thursday
Mrs Wright away ill, so had 3
free maths lessons and 1 other free lesson
so got my homework done. George came
in evening and we all played games
together. Mummy went in for her exam

12 Friday
Mummy ill in bed, so stayed
at home to do the work. Mrs Hump went
in afternoon. George came for tea and we
played games all the evening, and had a
super time. Did not go to bed until
about 11.30 pm.

13 Saturday
Mummy still ill in bed. Worked
hard all the morning. George came to see
how Mummy was and bought us some strip
chewing gum and pop corns with which we
had some great fun. Janet and Mrs Hump went
to the pictures in afternoon. Played games in evening

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