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"THE SOLENT." The name "The Solent"
applies to the whole of the belt of sea between the
mainland and the Isle of Wight and is not confined
to that portion between the Needles and South-
ampton Water, as shown on sundry maps, etc.

The limits of "The Solent" are from Hurst
Castle and the Needles to Southsea Castle and
Bembridge Foreland. "Spithead" applies to the
roadstead at the eastern end of "The Solent"
extending about 2 miles N.W. and S.E. along the
south-west side of Spit Sand, from Gilkicker Point
to Spit Fort.

INTEREST at 5 per cent per annum is one penny
each month upon every pound.

Three pennies weigh one ounce.
Five half-pennies weigh one ounce.
The diameter of a halfpenny is one inch.
The diameter of a penny 1/10th of a foot.
The diameter of a sixpence 3/4ths of an inch.
The diameter of a half-crown 1 1/4th inches.
FRESH WATER.—1 gallon of water weighs
10lb. 11.2 gallons weigh 1 cwt. 224 gallons
weigh 1 ton, and occupy 35.943 cubic feet.
CIRCLES.—Multiply the diameter by 3.1416 and
the product is the circumference.
CAUTION.—Nothing electrical (electric light
switches, etc.) should be in reach of anyone having
a bath as there is danger of being electrocuted.
GAS POISONING.—It is of the utmost importance
that garages and places where gas cookers and
geysers are used that there is plenty of ventilation
to the outside air. The symptoms of persons
suffering from gas poisoning are severe headaches,
fainting or sickness with palpitation and a rapid
pulse. Persons so affected should be removed
immediately into the open air, made to lie down
[...]. In severe cases artificial
[...] continued until
medical aid is available [...]


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