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Saturday, January 26, 1918

Saturday, January 26, 1918

A cloudy day raining to night.

Ben is feeling some better he was at George Blairs to day said that Denia Blair was cookin a turkey for dinner to morrow. Mr Carr is here yet. Jim Brumfield come to see us this evening. The Walker land was solde today. Josie ironed some today. I washed a little this morning and got dinner. Jim and Mr Carr and Ben and Josie are playing cards to night.

I got a letter from Ludy Pugh to day.

10 30 oclock

Heard today that Mr Allen fell in the pit at the barn and hurt him self very bad.

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Monday February 14, 1921

Monday February 14, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben and Marvin killed a hog for Ben. Mr Sam Owen moved from here today. I felt sad to see them go but I hope he has bettered him self. He moved to Mr George Allens.

Henry and Edna went to school.

Josie got dinner and supper. I fixed up after hog killing.

Josie went to Marvins this evening. She carrie[d] Franklin and Mabel. Mollie Reynols was there a while. I would of like to see them all. I would be glad to see all of the children. I may never see them all any more.

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Friday, January  9, 1920

Friday, January 9, 1920

A cloudy day no rain. To night the wind is blowin. The men cut wood in the woods. Josie got dinner this evening. Bob Starkey got his car stuck in the mud at the mail box. Mrs Starkey come in a few minutes.

I went to Carries a little while to night. Louise Hutcherson is here. They are playing cards. We heard today that Mr Allen is very bad off. To night Ben spoke in a way that hurt me. I give them nearly all of my time & strength and they don't respect me.

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Friday, December 14, 1923

Friday, December 14, 1923

The ground was covered with snow this morning. The first of real winter we have had. They stripped tobacco most of the day. A load of tobacco passed here this morning through the snow. They seemed to be making it fine. The children went to school. I think some of them has a colde from going in the snow. Henry got home last night some where a bout midnight. Said he eat supper at Aunt Caries. Said Reese fell and hurt his arms. I hope he may soon be well. Ben went to Mr. Allen's this evening. Will Allen and his wife moved to their selves to day.

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