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Tuesday, March 11, 1919

Tuesday, March 11, 1919

A cool windy day the men folks put on the canvas for their plant beds this morning and cut & mauled this evening.

Kate Harvey come a few minutes to day. She eat dinner with us. She brought me some homony. I went with her part the way home. I carried Edna & Franklin to Marvins and Carrie looked after them while I went to Posie Reynolds and got some turnip salit.

We heard to day that Tom Lumpkins and Tom Johnson was dead, one of them at Danville and one at New Port News. Johnson Reynolds went to Danville to be at Lumpkins burial.

Jim got a letter from Nellie telling him that Mr Walker is very sick.

Jim & Ben walked over to the store at Renan to night. Mr Lewis was not there so they come home soon and went to bed.

10 oclock

I finished pickin the 1919 crop of cotton to night.

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Monday April 11, 1921

Monday April 11, 1921

A clear colde day. Vegetation was partly frozen. All tender things was bitten by the colde. Jim mauled. Ben plowed. Josie straitened up the house and got dinner. I ironed some this morning. Josie went to Marvins. I went to George Blairs.

Kate Harvey came to Marvins this evening. She brought Carrie and I a bonnets. I am glad of mine for I needed it. Henry & Edna went to school.

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Tuesday, March  2, 1920

Tuesday, March 2, 1920

A clear good day. The men cut & mauled all day. Josie done most all the work. Milked & brought water. She fixed to wash in the morning. Henry & Edna went to school. I think Franklin is improveing. Mabel has bin cross. I dont think she is well. I dont feel well a bit. Do hope I will be well soon. I try to ask the lord to take care of us. That is all the help that will do any good. Franklin come in tonight to stay with me a while. Josie is ironing tonight.

8 oclock

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Tuesday, February 27, 1923

Tuesday, February 27, 1923

A cloudy morning and some rain. No rain this evening. Ben and Jim went to Renan this morning. This evening they cut and mauled. Ben got hurt. The wedge hit him in the face and cut his lip and a gash in his face. He went to the Dr. and had it fixed up. I hope it will not get bad. Nellie and I got dinner. I churned and printed the butter. Nellie sewed some. I cut pieces for Kate to put together. I went to Norman Bookers a while this evening. Mrs Booker gave me some sweet potatoes as nice as I ever saw. I am so glad of them.

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Wednesday, February 28, 1923

Wednesday, February 28, 1923

A cloudy day most of the day. Jim and John Ward mauled. Ben shucked some corn. Nellie got dinner. This evening I went to George Blaine. They were all gone from home except Denia. Some of them had gone to Danville and some to Gretna. I would of been glad to see the young folks. Denia had washing done today. Norman Booker and his wife went to Gretna this morning. Heard today that Jamie Gravely was married last Sunday. I wish her well. The children went to school.

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Friday, March  2, 1923

Friday, March 2, 1923

A beautiful day. The men folks mauled some and hauled some wood for John Ward. Nellie got dinner and supper. I went to see Kate Harvey. She was at work. Irvin and Duepney brought me home. The children went to school. Dr. Owen let me go with him a part of the way. I was glad of that much help. Every one is good to me no matter when I go. I would be so glad to go and see all of my folks but I may never see them again. I want to see Carrie more than any one now.

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