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Friday, January 24, 1919

Friday, January 24, 1919

A good day. The men folks finished stripping Owens tobacco this morning. They sawed a little wood this evening. I got dinner. Josie ironed this morning. Josie & Henry went to Strait Stone this evening.

Tonight Isla and Cordie & Frank and George Blair and Jessie and William Hutcherson all come and staid until bedtime. The boys played games. I finished Marys scarf tonight.

11 o'clock

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Saturday, February  4, 1922

Saturday, February 4, 1922

A good day but it is raining tonight. Jim & Ben & Henry cut a little today. Jim commenced to smoke the meat today. Ben put a heater in his room. Mr Mayhew was here tonight. Ben & the children played games with him until ten oclock or near that. I got dinner today. Edna washed the dishes this morning & at dinner. Josie starched & ironed some. Today I mended some things. Ben milked for me this morning. There is so much mud that I cant get a round much.

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Saturday, February 11, 1922

Saturday, February 11, 1922

A very warm day for February. The snow is about all gone. Ben & Henry shucked some corne and fed the stalks. This evening they sawed some wood in the woods. Josie killed and dress a chicken & baked a cake. We boiled some meat and stewed fruit for dinner. I washed a few garments & a lot of olde stockings. Ben & Josie milked night and morning. The children played games tonigh. Ben has gone to Strait Stone to meet at the lodge. He went horse back. The mud is so bad.

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Friday, March  9, 1923

Friday, March 9, 1923

A good day. The men worked on the pasture fence. Ben went to Lee's to a [cutting mach?]. We had [creasy salit] for dinner. The land was frozen this morning. The children went to school. I churned and baked some sweet potatoes. Afther the children come home, we shucked two shocks of corn. Henry brought it to the corn house. Mr. Mayhew and Eula and Harold come and they played games.

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Friday, November 30, 1923

Friday, November 30, 1923

A rainy day. Clear tonight. Ben moved the cureing of tobacco that was packed in the house that John Ward lives in. Put it in the barn ready to strip. They stripped what they could today. Mr. Mayhew and two of the children was here tonight. They played games. Mayhew said he heard that Will Dickerson had bin caught. I hope is the truth. They children has had a good time playing with paper dolls. Franklin tryed to tie tobacco. Jim got a letter from his folks. They were well.

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