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Thursday, October 24, 1918

Thursday, October 24, 1918

A good day. We all except Ben stripped tobacco until dinner.

Ben shod the horses this morning. This evening he went to Level Run after lumber and carried it to Willie Hubbards planer. Never got home til after dark.

Paul Josie and Henry and I gathered up the peanuts and washed them. We made a nice lot of them. I finished the socks that I knit for Charley Harvey. Irvin come for them.

9 30 oclock

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Friday, October 25, 1918

Friday, October 25, 1918

A cloudy day and a little rain. Ben worked on his waggon this morning. This evening he went to Level Run for a load of lumber. Paul Bennett plowed and fixed rows for straw berries. Josie planted the vines.

Mr Owen and his crowd stripped tobacco. I helped a little before dinner.

Josie got dinner. She had to cut her wood to cook with. This evening Josie and I both helped on the tobacco.

We are out of flour. Ben has gone to Thompsons to night to get some. We have wheat at the mill but the miller is not well enough to grind it.

Henry has caught two rabbits in his traps. He is very proud of that.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, November 12, 1918

Tuesday, November 12, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen worked on Owens house.

The children went to school except Franklin. He is not well. I hope that he may get well soon.

Kate Harvey come down here to day and eat dinner with us. While she was here we heard that Chesley Edmons was dead. We all are so sorry for them all. The papers tell that peace has bin declared. I do hope that it is true.

Kate got a letter from both of her boys that is in France. Jack is in the hospital hope that he may be well soon. Tonight Ben and Marvin has gone to Level Run guess they will be back soon.

10 oclock

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Saturday, April  1, 1922

Saturday, April 1, 1922

A colde windy day.Ben went to the Mill at Level Run. Jim went to Chatham. He went with Norman Booker to Gretna. Ben worked a round the house all the evening. Henry went to Mr. Woodings and got some turnip salit. Josie got dinner. She has bin very [pert?pent] to day and I am glad. I hemed one quilt today. We all went to Mr. Booker's this evening. Mrs Jackson and Mrs Less Bookers was there. We had a pleasant evening. It is so colde tonight that we have fire like winter time.

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Friday, June  8, 1923

Friday, June 8, 1923

A windy day. Very hard on the crop. Mr. Booker planted tobacco but it can't live long unless it rains. I got peas to day and cooked beans. It is a hard time a bout something good to cook. I want to be thankful that we are doing as well as we are. Kate Harvey and Pearl Wiggenton come a little while. Pearl brought Mabel a nice dress. Mrs. Car sent Edna a nice dress. I am glad that they have got them. John Ward went to Level Run to a burial. Mabel slept a good nap in the [s?ing] and have bein good ever since. Went to sleep.

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Wednesday, July  4, 1923

Wednesday, July 4, 1923

A good day. No rain yet. Ben and Henry went to Gretna. They had a big tim. They eat dinner with Marvin and Carrie. Jim did not go. He worked most of the day. I made three quarts of black berrie preserves and killed two and fried them and baked a cake. That was our dinner. Vegetables has a bout dried up. John Ward had the team and went to Level Run to a big gathering of some sort. I gathered some berries. Intend making jellie tomorrow. The children are all in a glee tonight eating candy and blowing up their balloons. Good night.

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Friday, October  5, 1923

Friday, October 5, 1923

A good day. Cool and clear. Ben and John plowed. Jim set up corn until he finished. This evening Ben carried Mabel and I to White Falls. I fished. Did not catch any thing worth haveing. They would not bite much. Nellie ironed for her self and Evylin. I got dinner. Mrs Car churned. The children went to school. Lelia Ward went to Level Run today. John brought the clothes home this morning.

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Saturday, November  3, 1923

Saturday, November 3, 1923

Ednas birth day [written at the top of the page] A cloudy morning. Clear this evening. Jim stripped tobacco all day. John Ward tied. Kates Harveys sale was today. Ben went to the sale. Things sold low. Effie Brumfield carried her mother to Levelrun store and Hugh and I to Mr. Worshams pond. I did not catch a fish. Effie and Hugh caught five. We stoped at Level Run store. Effie and Hugh patched a tire. The children staid at the barn all the evening. Ben and Henry has gone a hunting tonight.

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