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Tuesday September 13, 1921

Tuesday September 13, 1921

A bright day. Ben hauled wood after he got the engine to work. Jim plowed all day. The children went to school.

Josie & I washed. Josie used the machine part of the time. Josie got dinner. I sewed on a quilt.

This evening I went to Marvins. Carrie was at work on Roys pants.

Reese's possum got out of the box that is a [pen mark] He was gone this morning.

Mabel keeps fretting. I am a fraid she is not well.

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Saturday December 10, 1921

Saturday December 10, 1921

A clear colde day. Ben & Jim helped Marvins boys load on some things this morning then moved a cureing of tobacco. Then they sawed some wood. Finished what they had at the wood pile and moved the engine to night. Ben & Jim and Norman Booker went to Strait Stone. Jim come home about nine oclock. Ben and Norman has come in at eleven oclock. Josie caned some meat this evening. I think we brok about five cans. Mrs Booker staid with us tonight while the men was gone. I think I will like her fine but no one can fill Carries place. I can hardly stay at home I mis Marvins folks so much. Franklin and Edna is going to bed. 11 oclock

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Thursday December 22, 1921

Thursday December 22, 1921

A colde day partly cloudy. Hailing and snowing tonight. Jim shucked some corn and toated stalks for the cows. Ben sawed wood at Kate Harveys. Brought the engine & saw home tonight. Ben went to Strait Stone tonight. He went for medicine for Mabel. She has a colde and is very hoarse. We are a fraid she will have the croup. Josie ironed today and worked on her cakes some. I got dinner. Denia Blair come a little while. I was glad that she come. Two of the Doss girls come a few minutes. They borrowed a last. Said they wanted to mend shoes. I am sorry that it is weathering. Did hope it would stay good until Jim could get home. We sent Kates turkey to her this morning.

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Saturday, December  4, 1920

Saturday, December 4, 1920

A cloudy day. Ben & Jim sawed wood this morning then Ben carried Mrs Car home. Come back and carried me to Mount Airy then they carried the disk home to Reynols then put the engine under shelter. Jim cleaned the hog pens and put down the seat box and made him a box to put his meat in when they kill hogs. Josie has bin like Josie of olde today. I am uneasy, so afraid she will do something that will hurt her. She has the baby tonight. Marvin and family went to church this evening. Ben bought Henry a pair of shoes to day. [?] rubber boots.

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Sunday, September  3, 1922

Sunday, September 3, 1922

A good day. Jim has staid at the barn all day. Ben has tried to start the [engine?]. Posie & [Clack?] come and helped him this evening but they could not get it to work Mrs Kellie & Lottie Kellie come here this evening. Mrs Booker come. Nellie & Carrie & Marvin & children come. I was glad to see them. A coloured girl & I got the dinner. Mrs Power & Lawson went home this evening.

Ben cut Edna's hair this evening. He certainly did hate to do it. Edna helped me milk to night.

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Thursday, February 22, 1923

Thursday, February 22, 1923

A good day. Ben plowed some. Jim went to Renan and Strait Stone hunting plow points. Ben went to Jesse Hutchersons for gas. Has run the engine all the evening. Irvin Harvey was here tonight. He said that his mother eat at the table. Charley?] Harvey went to [Thomas?] to put in a radio. I went to sleep. I am sorry that I spilt ink in my book. The Ladies Ade society met at Mr. Edmonds this evening. There was some cars passed here. Nellie was invited but would not go. She cut out some sewing.

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