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Sunday March 27, 1921

Sunday March 27, 1921

A good day. Ben & family staid at home. Leslie Roark and Beaula & Elsie East & the children and Gladice & Hugh and Hildna all come a while this evening. We were all glad to see them. Emmet Brumfield come a while. Paul Smith went with him home. Ren Worsham carried a truck load to Gladice to day. I am so glad that he did it. Gave some of them pleasure I know.

Johnson Reynols come for me. Robert was driveing the car. I spent a pleasant day. Posie & family and Reubin was there.

Mollie had a nice dinner. I want to be thankful for all that is done for me.

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Sunday, September 19, 1920

Sunday, September 19, 1920

A good day. We had a lot of company to day. Rob Hubbard and family & Mrs. Car[,] Lizzie Bennett & Fabar Jefferson & family. Lee & Hildna come this evening. Carrie and three children come a little while. Josie and I got dinner. We cooked snaps and potatoes and chicken. Josie had baked a cake. Ben carried Rob & family home this evening. Paul & Earl Bennett come and carried Lizzie & Faber home tonight.

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Friday, August 10, 1923

Friday, August 10, 1923

A good day. Very hot. The men suckered tobacco all day. I got dinner started and then went to the garden and gathered tomatoes. Lee and Hildna come a while this morning. They said they were going to preaching at Edge Hill. They had all day preaching and dinner on the ground. Nellie sewed some today. Edna and Franklin went to Mr. George Emersons this evening to play with the Emmerson girls. We are getting plenty of tomatoes now and all other vegetables but no fruit.

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