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Monday, April  1, 1918

Monday, April 1, 1918

Some rain to day not enough to stop work. Ben helped Marvin Smith cover his barn. Mr Owen plowed.

Josie got dinner and colored some eggs for the children and made some bats for her quilt.

Carrie and the children was here a while this evening. The children had a time hunting eggs. I sowed a few seed in the garden to day.

Eleven oclock by the new time.

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Sunday, April 20, 1919

Sunday, April 20, 1919

Easter Sunday. A good day. We all staid at home until after dinner. We had cake and pimento pepper for dinner that Josie bought at Chatham.

This evening Ben and family went to Jim Powers. I went to George Blairs. Lizzie Bennett was there for dinner.

Ren Worsham and family come this evening. Ren and George and Doratha & Ruth went to Edge Hill preaching.

Marvin Smith & family come to Georges. Marvin brought Lizzie and I home. Mr. Owen had a horse and buggy and went for his sister. She was at Mrs Myers.

10 oclock

Henry made the fire in the cook stove this morning for the first time in his life that I know any thing a bout.

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Monday, April 21, 1919

Monday, April 21, 1919

A good day. Lizzie was here this morning. She went to Carries and eat dinner. Ben & family and I went to Creasys fish pond. They drewed the water off. They caugh several nice fish and a lot of turtles.

I came back to Marvins and eat dinner. Josie come up there & the children. They had an egg hunt and had some nice candy. Lizzie and I went to Johnson Reynols. Mollie was not at home. She & Robert and Christenie & Janie Brumfield had gone to Jim Thomsons.

We went to see Nanie a while. Mrs Yeats was at Posies.

Jim Brumfield come home this evening.

Ben & Mr Mayhew went to Gretna this evening and got Bens wire for a fence.

10 oclock

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Saturday March 26, 1921

Saturday March 26, 1921

A beautiful day. Jim is at Chatham. Ben helped Mr Mayhew build a barn. Marvin helped two.

Stewart Owen staid with Henry awhile to day. Eat dinner here.

Josie washed up her floor today and got the dinner then went to George Blairs to see Lottie & the babies. I ironed some. The children and I went to Carries this evening. She was washing. Reese was helping her. Ben has gone to the school house to night. Josie is working on Edna dress for Easter.

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Monday, April  5, 1920

Monday, April 5, 1920

Rain this morning. The branch was out of the banks. To night it is colde and windy. We all eat dinner at home this evening. Ben & Marvin Henry and Reece went to the Sulpher Springs. Josie Edna Franklin and Mabel and I all went to Marvins. Eula & Harold & Russel Mayhew come. The children had some colored eggs. I think they had a good time. Johnson Reynolds was at Marvins. Jim was there two. It has bin a bad Easter. I am glad that we are as well as usual.

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Saturday, April 15, 1922

Saturday, April 15, 1922

A good day Ben & Jim finished the ditch and cleaned out the springhouse. Jim plowed this evening. Ben worked on his car a little. Josie baked a cake this morning. Together we got dinner then I went to Reynols's. Bruce is at home. He brought Mollie some of the nices candy I most ever saw.

Christenia was colering eggs for Easter. Johnson was fixing his tobacco land. Jim set one turkey today. Hope that the others will set soon.

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Monday, April  9, 1923

Monday, April 9, 1923

A good day. Jim plowed some. Hauled out corn stalks. Ben went to Rob Hubbards and helped work on his house. He come home at dark. We was all glad. Franklin and Mabel are better today. Nellie has held Mabel a heap today. I hope she may soon be well. Henry went to school. Edna had to stay and help wait on Mabel. I put eggs under two hens tonight. [Louease?] Hubbard sent Mabel a little basket and Easter rabbit. She is please with them. She wont show them to me.

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