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Saturday January  1, 1921

Saturday January 1, 1921

A beautiful day for January. We was all at home for dinner. Henry traded his wheel for type writer. He is carried a way with it. Ben and Josie went to Strait Stone late this evening. While they were gone Charles Harvey and Miss Virginia Moses come. They wanted the records for the phonogarapth. They was on their way to Lee Brumfield. Guess they will dance there tonight.

I ironed some today.

I thought this morning we would have a rainy day. It was partly cloudy and a plain rain bow. It rained a little and cleared off.

Ben or Josie one are typewriteing now.

8:30 oclock

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Sunday January  2, 1921

Sunday January 2, 1921

A good day. Ben and family staid at home all day. Some of them was workin the tipewriter about all the time. I got dinner then went to Marvins. They were eating dinner. They had bin to preaching at Strait Stone. Carrie and I walked over to Mr Hutchersons.

Mr & Mrs Hutcherson was not at home. We saw Willie Hutcherson & Frank Blair. Went to the grave yard then come home.

We have looked for Jim Brumfield all the evening but he has not come yet.

Ben Josie and the children are at the dining room eating a snack.

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Wednesday April  6, 1921

Wednesday April 6, 1921

A good day. Ben & Jim plowed all day. Josie and done a round[?] as usual. We went to Marvins this evening. Carrie was makeing Roy a suit. Josie worked button holes in Franklins clothes while she was at Carries. Josie baked light bread for supper.

Mollie Reynols & Julia Fergerson come from Portsmot to day.

Mrs Walter Mills was buried this evening. Henry & Edna went to school to day. Paul Smith & Henry Brumfield traded a type writer for and organ to grind. Jim made hot bed today.

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