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Thursday, September 11, 1919

Thursday, September 11, 1919

A little cloudy but no rain to do any good.

Ben carried Virginia Harvey to Gretna on her way to school. Jim tied tobacco all day. Mr Owen is working on tobacco two. Jack Harvey painted most all day. Ben & Henry helped some this evening.

Two life insurance agents come here to day.

Josie got most of the dinner. I baked a peach pie this evening. I made some apple jellie. Went to the orchard and got a basket of apples.

Went to Marvins a few minutes. Come home and dressed a chicken and milked the cows.

The men folks has gone a opossome hunting to night.

Jack Harvey went from here tonight.

9:30 oclock

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Wednesday, October 15, 1919

Wednesday, October 15, 1919

A good day. Jim & Ben loaded their tobacco on Mr Mayhews truck ready for Danville.

Josie come down to dinner to day.

I went to Marvins a little while this evening. Mr McCray come and was going to stay all night at Marvins.

Dr Owen examined Ben this evening. He is going to take insurance.

We heard to day that John Hutcherson is very sick. We are all sorry to hear it.

I woun a tangled hart to night.

11:45 oclock

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Wednesday, May  5, 1920

Wednesday, May 5, 1920

A cool clear day. Jim worked on his new ground. Ben worked on his corn land. Josie washed this morning. I got dinner. This evening I went to Mr Edmons. Mrs Edmons gave me 30 eggs. I put them under hens as soon as I could after getting home. Mrs Doss and three children come here. Ben has gone to Marvins. Dr. Owen is up there to examine them for insurance.

9 oclock

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