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Saturday, July 26, 1919

Saturday, July 26, 1919

A good day. Ben went to Brookneal this morning.

Jim sowed a turnip patch this evening.

Josie got dinner. She killed a chicken and baked pies this evening.

I went to Marvins this evening. Alma Bennett and I staid with the children. Marvin and Carrie went to Strait Stone to preaching. The protracted meeting commenced to day.

Earl and Lizzie Bennett come to Carries this evening. Lizzie come with me home. I am glad that she came.

Edna & Franklin went to Mr Hutchersons by themselves this morning.

12 oclock

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Wednesday July 13, 1921

Wednesday July 13, 1921

A good day. No rain yet here. Jim and Ben worked on the tobacco this morning. This evening Ben white washed the room that I sleep in. Josie made her a dress this morning. Julia & Edna picked a few berries. Julia stuck a barb wire in her leg. I hope it wont get sore much. A wasp stung Franklin. I hope it wont hurt him long.

Miss Fannie Power went with Mr Asa Anderson to Piny Grove to preaching. They are carrieng on. Protracted meeting there this week.

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