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Friday, October 18, 1918

Friday, October 18, 1918

A good day. Ben sowed oats and some wheat.

The rest of us stripped tobacco. Ben Paul and Josie hauled some and put it in the pit. It was so dark they had the lanterns to work by.

We heard today that Chesley Edmons and Lucius Gravley got a call to go to camp.

Oh this awful time when will it be any better no one knows.

10 30 oclock

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Saturday, May 24, 1919

Saturday, May 24, 1919

A cloudy morning and a little rain this evening. We have a plenty of rain.

Jim & Ben worked on their tobacco until dinner this evening. Ben & Jim went to Chatham. Kate Harvey went with them.

Henry Edna & I went with them as far as Jim Thompsons the we walked to White Falls mills [and] fished. We caught a few fish. We walked back as far Mt Airy Ben brought us home. I paid Ben for the trouble that we were.

Josie ironed most of the morning. This evening Josie and Franklin staid here by them selves.

I milked by the light of the lantern.

10:50 oclock

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Wednesday, June  4, 1919

Wednesday, June 4, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim plowed in the corn. Ben carried Josie & Edna and Franklin to Jim Powers at twelve. Henry & I went as far as the crossin at Starkeys.

We fished until Ben come back then come home. Then I went to where Booker Callums lives on Mrs Haleys land. Mollie Reynolds and I hunted strawberries. Did not find many. I milked by lantern light to night.

We had new Irish potatoes for dinner to day. They was fine. I made a few preserves this morning.

10:15 oclock

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