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Saturday, March  2, 1918

Saturday, March 2, 1918

A good day.

Ben and Owen hauled stalks this morning then Ben went to Charles and worked on his corn house until twelve. Come home for dinner.

This evening he plowed the colt in the garden then got the locus stump up that was in the yard.

Josie and I burnt some brush that was in the garden. Mrs Hubbard was buried this evening. None of us did not go to the burial.

8 30 oclock

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Saturday, October 26, 1918

Saturday, October 26, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben hauled some stalks and put them on the wheat land this morning. All the rest of us tied tobacco. This evening Mr Owen went to the mill for flour. We had corn bread for breakfast this morning. I know we should be thankful for that but we have not bin used to it and do not like it.

We tied all the tobacco that was in the pit then I went to Carries and Ben and Paul went squirrel hunting. They killed nine squirrels.

Kate Harvey come a few minutes this evening.

To night Ben has gone with Marvin to Strait Stone.

9 oclock

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Monday, December 30, 1918

Monday, December 30, 1918

A good day Ben & Owen hauled some stalks for the cows. Josie staid at home all day. I went with Marvin & Carie to Ren Worshams We had a very pleasant day Ethel had a good dinner and I certainly did enjoy it I am glad that Ren has a nice good house.

Ben & Josie has gone to Mr Mayhews to a party Virginia & Reubin Reynolds came by on their way to Mayhews. Hugh Brumfield is here to nigh it seems that they can't go to sleep.

I got a letter from Lottie Craddock I am always glad to hear from them

10 o'clock

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Saturday, February  1, 1919

Saturday, February 1, 1919

A beautiful day.

Ben & Jim and Owen burned a plant bed & sowed it. Ben & Owen hauled some stalks and cut them for feed. Josie and I ironed and got dinner this evening. I went to Marvins a few minutes. Mr Mayhew is here tonight. They are playing cards.

Josie got a letter from her mother this evening telling her that her sister is not getting on well. I guess that she will go to see her soon.

I got a letter from Thelma Brumfield this evening. She seems to be getting on well.

9 oclock

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Saturday, March  8, 1919

Saturday, March 8, 1919

A cloudy day and raining to night. The men folks cut until twelve then Jim & Ben hauled some stalks and corn.

Josie & Ben and Franklin went to Jim Powers. Henry & I staid at home all the morning then Henry went to Marvins and I went to Owens.

To night Ben & Marvin has gone to the lodge at Strait Stone I know they will get wet. Josie says she has never seen the roads as bad as they were today. Reese Smith has bought him a bycicle.

Johnson Reynolds has gone to Norfork to see Julia Fergerson. I feel like I know how glad she will be to see him. I hope he will see John B.

10: oclock

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Saturday, April  5, 1919

Saturday, April 5, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim shucked some corn this morning & hauled some stalks this evening.

Ben carried Henry & Edna and I the Moons Mill. We fished some. Did not catch any thing that was worth having.

Josie got dinner. She baked light bread. Boiled over some molasses.

Jim & Ben & Franklin come after us. Reuben & Paul come a few minutes. Reubin drove up the cows for me. He brought me his picture. I was glad to see the boys.

Ren Worsham & 4 of the children was at Strait Stone. He would of brought us part the way home if Ben had not come as soon as he did.

9 oclock

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Thursday, November 27, 1919

Thursday, November 27, 1919

A beautiful warm morning. I would of given either of the boys five dollars to have taken me where I could of fished some but did not say a word about it. I was afraid they would deny me & belitle me for being so foolish and it hurts so bad to be denied. In the place of fishing I got dinner and helped to clean the yard and draped and covered two rows of onions and went to Carries a few minutes.

Jim & Ben finished diggin Irish potatoes and put them in kiln in the garden. Fixed the land to plant onions.

Then hauled some stalks to feed the cows. To night Ben & Josie went to Renan. I stayed with the children. Josie got a package from the island to day. She gave me a nice sweater. I am glad of it. I am so near a sleep that I cant hardely write.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, December 16, 1919

Tuesday, December 16, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim hauled some stalks and cut feed.

Josie washed a gain today.

I got dinner. Boiled meat in the dineing room & started to the cook room and stumbled and fell and spilt some of the meat. It did not hurt me. Burnt me a little. I am glad it did not hurt me and I am very sorrie that it happened.

I hemed two little sheets for Franklins bed.

Denia Blair come this evening. I was very glad to see her. I have not seen any of Marvins folks this week. Hope that tomorrow will be good.

8 oclock

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Saturday February  5, 1921

Saturday February 5, 1921

A cloudy day. Jim and Ben and Owen shucked some corn and toated stalk to the cows then stripped tobacco. Hattie washed some here today. Josie got dinner & supper.

Made a place for little chickens and mended some this evening. Josie went to Carries. I staid with the children. Annie and Ta??ie Doss come. Brought the suit case home. I have got a very bad colde. Hope it will be better soon.

I am so near a sleep that I cant write much.

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Thursday March  3, 1921

Thursday March 3, 1921

A changable day. Clear tonight and the wind blowing. Jim and Ben hauled stalks and corn this morning. Ben hauled wood this evening. Jim cut in the woods. Josie baked a cake in the oil stove this morning.

I went to see Mrs Edmons. Found her sitting up. She looks feeble. She is improving. They have a col woman staying there. They were making a canvas for the plant beds. Miss Carter stopd here a while. We all are all ways glad to see her.

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Saturday April  2, 1921

Saturday April 2, 1921

A beautiful day. A big frost this morning. Jim and Ben hauled stalks this morning. Ben went with Marvin after a hound They went to Altavista. Josie staid here and ironed and got dinner and supper.

Edna and Franklin went to Mr Mayhews to play with the children. Henry and I went to White Falls. Henry caught 4 fish. I one. We come back by Renan. Stoped at Kate Harveys a little while. Went to the store. Hubbard was not there. Mollie Reynols and Christenia was there. Mollie said she intended to go to Portsmoth tonight to see Julia. Josie dressed a spring chicken to send to Julia. Love to all the children & grand children.

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Saturday December 17, 1921

Saturday December 17, 1921

A cloudy day. No rain until tonight. Jim & Ben hauled some stalks this morning and cut them this evening. Mr Booker helped them to cut them. Josie got dinner & supper. She went to Reynols and got a nice bucket of salit for tomorrows dinner. We hope that Carrie Smith and the children will come. Jim made a pen this evening and got up the turkeys. He put four up in the hog pen to keep a few days. They smell of wilde onions so bad. I spent most of the day mending up some clothes. Ben mended Henrys shoes this evening. I guess there will be lots of mending done this winter & spring.

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Monday December 19, 1921

Monday December 19, 1921

A good day. Jim and Ben shucked some corn and hauled stalks and put in the stable. Josie washed dishes and milked the cows. I went to Chatham with Johson & Mollie Reynols. Clack Hubbard and Christenia Reynols went with them also. I dont think any body bought much. They ask such prices for what they had to sell. Henry & Edna went to school. Franklin is not well. Virginia Harvey come here and Josie and Virginia made candy for to treat the school children on Wednesday. I had a good day. I met with several of my kind folks and acquaintances. I was so glad to go and every thing [?] of good. Alice Thomson was at Chatham.

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Friday, December 21, 1923

Friday, December 21, 1923

A good day. Very warm for December. The men hauled some stalks and cut some feed for Mr. Booker. The children went to school for the last time this year. This evening Henry went to Mt. Airy and played ball and got beat. Come home so mad that he cried. Then he went to Strait Stone to meeting at the church. He has not got back yet I don't think. Mr. Mayhew and some of the children come tonight to play games. They seam to enjoy them. I am glad for them to come. Ben and his children like to play.

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