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Friday, May  3, 1918

Friday, May 3, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen plowed some.

Josie ironed.

I got dinner. Had turnip salet for dinner the last that we will get this spring I expect.

We heard that the Edmons boys killed their dogs this morning.

I know they was sorry to have it to do.

I wrote to John Brumfield to day.

9 oclock

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Saturday, February  8, 1919

Saturday, February 8, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim went to Mr Hutcherson. Woodings and got a pig then stripped tobacco a while then fixed to go to Chatham. Marvin went with them. They got some [logs?/dogs?] Ben & Tim Emerson went to Strait Stone to the lodge. They have just got home now.

I helped to strip tobacco nearly all day. Henry B & Luke and Norman Owen tied for me this evening. We had finished what was in the pit and was on our way to the house when Mr Jim Emerson & Sarah Emerson and two children come. I was glad to see them.

Josie got dinner. I heard this evening that Denia Blair is sick. I am very sorry to hear it. Hope she may get well soon. I want to go to see her soon.

11: oclock

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Sunday, March  7, 1920

Sunday, March 7, 1920

A cloudy and snowed untwelve. Colde and clear to night. Lee Brumfield & Hugh come eat dinner with us. Henry & Hugh went out. The dogs caught a possome. Hugh started home with it. Josie done the work a gain today. I set by the fire. Do hope I may be able to work soon.

8 oclock

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Saturday, April 24, 1920

Saturday, April 24, 1920

A good day. Cool for this time of year. Ben plowed with two horses. Jim clean up the ground for him to plow. Mabel has cried most of the day. I got dinner and washed dishes. I went to Marvins a while this evening. The dogs broke up one of the hens this evening. Edna has bin crying with the tooth ache. Jim & Ben has gone to Marvins tonight.

8 oclock

I let Nat Wooding have a pound of butter.

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Wednesday, December 29, 1920

Wednesday, December 29, 1920

A good day. Ben & family went to Jim Powers. Ben carried 4 dogs. Mr Power was bird huntting. Ben hunted rabbits. I think they all had a good day. Power was going to have a dance to night. Mrs Allen was buried this evening. Carrie went to work today. I staid here by my self all day. I was busy all the morning. They say that the roads is in a bad fix. You cant hardly get every where.

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Friday, April 13, 1923

Friday, April 13, 1923

A rainy day. No out door work done and not much in the house. Nellie baked a cake for Franklin[?]. It is his birth day. He is seven years olde today. I mended a quilt that the dogs tore. Nellie dressed Mabel in a new dress. She is so glad. I had a letter from Carrie. She said that her children had the measles. I am sorry for her and the children. It is a job to wait on on them. I am sorry that is is raining. It is so hard on the sick and the little chickens. We heard that there was but 13 scholars at school to day.

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