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Saturday, November 30, 1918

Saturday, November 30, 1918

A good day. John Brumfield was here. Ben did not do much work. He moved the fence so the cows could go to the straw stacks.

Josie got dinner. She had baked chicken and beef steak. I think we all enjoyed the dinner. Mrs Carr has a bad colde.

This evening Ben carried John to Gretna. I went with them. Tenia met John at Gretna. He said that he would go back to Portsmouth tomorrow.

Willie Mayhew carried his family to Chatham to day on his truck. Gasoline gave out and he got some from Ben to get the truck home.

8: o clock

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Thursday, October 11, 1923

Thursday, October 11, 1923

A good day. Ben worked on the drill all the morning. Got it work [sic] so he could make it do. He finished [?] the field around the straw stacks. Jim stripped tobacco. All of them are tying tonight. The[y] put some on Mr Bookers waggon this evening to go to Gretna in the morning. The children went to school. Nellie nursed most of the day. I got dinner. I cooked turnip salit and potatoes. I gathered some butter beans this evening and dug and washed some sweet potatoes. Tonight I have bathed thinking I may to to Danville in the morning with the Reynolds.

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