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Saturday, June  5, 1920

Saturday, June 5, 1920

A rainy morning and that was what we needed. The boys planted some tobacco. Kate & Irvin Harvey come after plants. They were here for dinner. They got a few plants and went home. We had cabbage for dinner. Ben carried my heifer to Reynolds. Ben & Jim brought Bell home from Mr Laynes. Josie made Ben a shirt to day. I ironed some. I thined my beets and parsnips to day. 9:15 oclock The bees swarmed to day.

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Tuesday, July  6, 1920

Tuesday, July 6, 1920

A good day. Ben & Jim went and helped Mr Edmons and Mr Layne thrash wheat then they thrashed here and at Marvins and Reynols. Josie and I got dinner. Several of the men eat with us. Maybel was sick to day. Carrie come a few minutes. I went to look for Berries. Could not find any to do any good. 9 oclock

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Saturday, July  7, 1923

Saturday, July 7, 1923

A good day. Jim helped [Will?] Farthing and Norman Booker thrash wheat and then they thrashed here and then then at Mr. Laynes. Ben uncovered his tobacco plants this morning. The children staid at the machine all the evening. Bruce Reynols and his wife come a few minutes. They had bin to George Blains for some butter. They did not get out of the car. I mended Franklin's overalls this evening. Ray Booker played with the children all the evening. Miss Rena Mayhew borrowed the freezer. Said they was lookin for company.

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Thursday, September 13, 1923

Thursday, September 13, 1923

A beautiful day. I come home this morning and found the men cutting tobacco. Nellie was getting dinner. I did not do any thing much a bout dinner. This evening I wormed tobacco. Lelia Ward helped me. The worms is trying to eat up the late tobacco. Evylin helped unload some tobacco this evening for the first time in her life I guess. Lelia Ward washed for me today. I went to Mr Bookers and got some snaps for tomorrows dinner. Mr Layne was hunting his hog. Franklin tried to help him drive it home.

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