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Tuesday, August 20, 1918

Tuesday, August 20, 1918

A beautiful day.

Ben and Paul suckered tobacco. Josie got dinner and canned some tomatoes. This evening she scrubbed the cook room floor.

I went to see Mollie Reynolds. She is not well but a bout.

I did not see Miss Kate or Mrs Jane they were taking their evening nap. Doris Brumfield and Christine Reynolds and Delma Owen come to Marvins a while this evening.

10 oclock

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Saturday, December  7, 1918

Saturday, December 7, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben worked on Owens house. It has bin a busy day with Josie and I. Josie ironed most all day.

I went down to the cook room 15 to four oclock made a fire washed the supper dishes then got breakfast. Called the rest of them then we eat. After breakfast I cut up two pumpkins and put them on to cook then put on some meat to cook fed two calves and brought a bucket of water then milked two cows and sloped the pigs put on a liver and face to make scrappel then churned. Josie made bread and coffee for dinner. I washed up a lot of things and took up the meat for dinner then eat dinner. Took up the pumpkins and meat for scrapple and made the scrappel. Janie Gravley and Lucius Muriel Gravley and Effie Brumfield stopped here a few minutes on their way home from Danville. Well I have not room for any more.

9 oclock

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Thursday, January 16, 1919

Thursday, January 16, 1919

A clear day.

Ben & Jim worked on Owens house. Josie got dinner and straitened up the cook room. Washed & filled up the lamps and made some candy.

I went to see Mollie this evening they were all well up there. They had heard that Clifton was sick. I hope that he may be well soon.

Josie started to Danville while I was there.

Marvin pulled down his olde barn today. Ben & Josie was asked to a dance tonight. They did not go.

Jim and Ben & Josie are playing cards tonight. I think they had better go to bed.

9 o'clock

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Saturday, June  7, 1919

Saturday, June 7, 1919

A good day. The men folks finished replanting tobacco. Josie got dinner. She had fried chicken and peas and beets. This evening she scrubed the cook room floor.

Mr Jim Power & wife come up here after cherries.

I went fishing. Grace B carried me. We got a mighty nice string of fish.

Hugh Brumfield come a while this evening. Got as many cherries as he could eat.

Jim and Ben has gone to Strait Stone to night.

Ethel Worsham has a son born this morning that is the 19th grand childe.

Kates cow has a calf. Came last night. I was so glad to see Kate this morning.

10 oclock

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Tuesday, December 16, 1919

Tuesday, December 16, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim hauled some stalks and cut feed.

Josie washed a gain today.

I got dinner. Boiled meat in the dineing room & started to the cook room and stumbled and fell and spilt some of the meat. It did not hurt me. Burnt me a little. I am glad it did not hurt me and I am very sorrie that it happened.

I hemed two little sheets for Franklins bed.

Denia Blair come this evening. I was very glad to see her. I have not seen any of Marvins folks this week. Hope that tomorrow will be good.

8 oclock

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Saturday July 16, 1921

Saturday July 16, 1921

A good day. Ben & Josie worked on the cook room walls all the evening.

Josie and Fannie Power ironed all the morning. This evening Marvin let Reese take Henry & Hugh Brumfield and I to Cedar Forest. We fished. Did not catch anything much. We had some trouble when we got to Strait Stone. We found that we had left Hughs shoes so we went back and got them. I was glad to get them. Mr Charles Anderson helped Reese with the car. I did thank him so much. John B is here tonight. I am always glad for him to come. Fannie P and George Blair went to Gretna this evening to see a ball game. I have finished the quilt that I peiced for Alma Bennett.

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Friday July 29, 1921

Friday July 29, 1921

A good morning. Ben & Jim worked on the tobacco this morning then floored the cook room. Marvin went to preaching. Reese carried him then come home and carried his mother and all the children and I to Mr Johnsons mill. The children Edna and Hazel & Eva waded a bout in the river. I fished a little. Caught four.

A man come here and bought 23 chickens and two doz eggs.

Julia and Josie are here tonight. Bus [?] Miller was sick this evening. He is the hand that worked at Marvins.

The wind broke the shade trees.

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Saturday, July 10, 1920

Saturday, July 10, 1920

A good morning. Ben & Jim helped thrash wheat at George Blairs today. Ben went for Mrs Car this evening. Josie has bin sick all day. Dr Owen was in to see her this evening. I do hope she may be well soon. I scrubed the things in the cook room this morning. Jim went to Marvins this evening. Was there when it commenced raining. We have had a good rain and it is raining now.

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Saturday, September  9, 1922

Saturday, September 9, 1922

A very hot day. Daisy and I ironed most of the morning. Daisy washed the cook room this evening. I mended some over alls and sewed on a few buttons. Nellie sewed on buttons and made two under waists. The men folks cut & set up corn this evening. The little (col)[sic] children picked some peas.

Ben & Henry went to the barn tonight to make fines. Mabel slept this evening and now she is wide awake and I wish she would not make so much fuss.

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Friday, October 27, 1922

Friday, October 27, 1922

A beautiful day. Jim & Nellie stripped tobacco all day Ben a part of the day. Willie Bobbett come this morning and bought a calf. He paid five dollars for it. That very little but I am glad it is gone.

Josie has bin a bout as usual to day. Betty the (col) girl washed some this morning & ironed some this evening. I fixed some land and planted some onions. Ben and Henry has gone hunting. Mabel has bin sweet today. She has staid at the cook room most of the day.

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