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Wednesday, July 31, 1918

Wednesday, July 31, 1918

A little rain today.

Ben and Paul topped tobacco a while today.

Josie got dinner. She made a stew and had snaps and cymblins and corn all good. Mrs Owens come a while. We all went and looked at the garden then to the tobacco ground to see the tomatoes and water mellons and bean patch.

I went to Marvins a few minutes. Their cow is sick. I wrote to Evylin Brumfield today.

I have fixed some butter to night for Kate Harvey. [scratchy ink blots] I guess I have the meanest pen about here.

10 : oclock

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Monday, September 16, 1918

Monday, September 16, 1918

A good day. The men folks moved two curings of tobacco and cut two rooms of green tobacco.

Josie picked up some apples and got dinner. I churned and picked some beans this morning. In the evening I went to Marvins a few minutes and picked a few more beans then went to the tobacco ground and helped to load the waggon and to the barn and helped to unload so as to hurry Ben and Paul. They wanted to go to Altavista and I did not want them to be late.

Josie had supper ready when we got to the house. While we were eating, Denia come and brought me a pan of light bread. I certainly was glad of the bread. Was sorry that Denia had so much trouble but I do appreciate it.

9 oclock

Ben and Paul and Josie are at Altavista tonight.

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Wednesday, June 18, 1919

Wednesday, June 18, 1919

A good day. Jim & Ben sowed some peas. Ben went to Lee B after them and carried all the children. Henry carried two doz eggs. He bought match and fly powder & chewing gum.

Henry done his first plowing to day. Dr Bennett and Henry Bennett come to see Jim & Ben today.

Josie ironed this morning. I got dinner. This evening I ironed some & then went to the sweet potatoe patch. They are lookin well. I come through Jims tobacco ground. The tobacco is growing some.

10:15 oclock

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Saturday, August  2, 1919

Saturday, August 2, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim suckered tobacco this morning. This evening Ben went to Gretna to meet John & his children. They are all here to night. Mary Brumfield went to Lee Brumfield this morning. Walked all the way up there. Oscar & Hellen come with her back home. They would not come in and have supper with us. Josie staid at home & got dinner. I went to Johnson Reynolds to spend the day. I eat dinner there. Mollie had a good dinner. Reubin brough me home as soon as I heard that John was comeing. Marvin & Carrie went to meeting this morning. Carrie & the children was here this evening. Alma Bennett is at Lees to night. Jim brought home some cucumbers & tomatoes from the tobacco ground this evening.

10 oclock

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Monday May  2, 1921

Monday May 2, 1921

A cloudy cool day. Ben sawed wood at Marvins. Jim worked on his tobacco ground. Josie wet a lot of gingham this morning and ironed it this evening. I went to Mags this evening. Mr Padget even taken me and gave me a ride. I was glad of it. Found all well at Mags. I come by Renan. Hubbard was plowing. Kate Hubbard was freezing cream. I then come by Reynols's. There was no one at home but Julia and children the rest of them was gone to Danville. Kate Harvey went with them. I come by Mr Farthings. Mrs Farthing has nice little girl a week olde. Her name is Elsie May. They had a lot of company. I then come by Marvins and then home. Josie had supper a bout ready.

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Tuesday May  3, 1921

Tuesday May 3, 1921

A cloudy cool day. Have needed fires all day. Jim worked on his tobacco ground. Ben went to Long Island for roofing for the barn shelters. Marvin and Henry went with him. Ben carried corn to the mill. Josie made Henry two shirts and two pair of curtains. I churned this morning. This evening I went to Marvins. Carrie was makeing Eva a dress.

Heard of several planting tobacco today. It is very early to plant yet it may do well.

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Thursday, May 17, 1923

Thursday, May 17, 1923

A cool windy day. Jim and Ben worked on their tobacco ground getting it ready to plant. I baked a pudding and got a few strawberries for dinner. Have not done much of anything this evening. I have not felt well all day. We did not get any mail today. Thre was a wreck between Lynchburg and the island. Jim went to Renan this evening. Heard that they had sent Mr. Tiny[?] Shelton to Stanton. His mind has got bad. Henry calls. He has gone gigging. All the rest has gone to bed.

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