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Monday, June  3, 1918

Monday, June 3, 1918

Some rain this morning it was badly needed.

Ben and Paul replanted tobacco. Mr Owen was at his brothers near Altavista. He brought a calf home this evening. Josie made Edna a dress to day.

Mrs Bailiss come and got some butter. I worked in the garden a while this evening. Eula Mayhew come and got a few tomato plants and Josies cards to make bats for a quilt.

9 oclock

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Tuesday March  8, 1921

Tuesday March 8, 1921

A good day. Jim and Ben plowed most of the day. Josie sowed. Made the baby some under bodies. I potered a round until dinner. Then I went with Carrie and the children to Gretna. Reese drove the car. We had a good trip. Bought a few things. Miss Carter come in a few minutes. Eula Mayhew come in a while. Mr Owen hauled a load of corn this morning. Ben has bin playing the musick box to night. I enjoy hearing it.

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Monday March 14, 1921

Monday March 14, 1921

A good morning. Rain this evening. Jim shucked corn to day. Ben plowed. Josie washed this morning. This evening she washed up the dineing room floor.

Elsie East called me this evening and said she could get a horse to take me fishing. I was a fraid to go. A fraid it would rain and it did. I was glad that we did not go. Hope that some day I can go but so many things happen. I may never go a gain. Eula Mayhew is home tonight to stay with Edna. Mr Mayhew got his truck in mud so that Jim & Ben had to help him get it out.

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Sunday, January 22, 1922

Sunday, January 22, 1922

A good day. Lee Brumfield and Hugh and Stuart Owen was here at dinner today. Lee & Jim went to Steven Davis s for to get Lees dog Hugh went home sick. Henry & Edna is sick. I am very sorrie for them all and hope they may all be better by morning. Mrs Kent and Eula Mayhew come a while this evening and Mrs Booker. None of them did not stay long. I am so troubled a bout the children. But there is not any thing that I can do to help them.

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