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Sunday, January  6, 1918

Sunday, January 6, 1918

A cloudy day rained some and sleeted. The ground is still covered with snow. Virginia staid all night here last night. This morning Jack and Irvin come a little while. Virginia went with them home.

I went to Marvins and Kate. Irvin come there. We all eat dinner there. Ben and Josie and the children staid at home all day. Carrie had custard at dinner and Josie had ice cream. We had some tonight at supper. I did enjoy it. Kate brought me a ball of yarn. I want to knit a pair of wristlets for Charles Harvey as soon as I get the kneedles to knit on.

8 30 oclock

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Friday, January 25, 1918

Friday, January 25, 1918

A clear day and some warmer. Ben has bin in the house all day but is some better off to day. Henry is sick tonight. I got breakfast and dinner. Josie got supper. Would not have got any but Mr Walter Carr come.

Josie ironed some. Josie fed the horses and hogs. I fed the cows. William Gilbert come this morning and split some wood for us. Marvin and John Smith went to Altavista to day. Mollie Reynolds come to Carries today. I got the yarn to knit for Bruce Sheppard sent it to day.

9 30 oclock

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Thursday, March 14, 1918

Thursday, March 14, 1918

Cloudy all day. This evening there was a storm. Lightning and thunder wind rain and hail.

Ben and Owen helped rais a stable at Mr Woodings. Kate Harvey come here this morning. She brough some yarn for me to knit socks for the soldiers. I have commenced to knit.

Josie have not bin well to day. She made Franklin a dress this evening. I got dinner.

Edna went to Carries a while. Paul Smith and Roy come with her home. Henry went to school.

9:15 oclock

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Thursday, April 11, 1918

Thursday, April 11, 1918

A very bad day. It has snowed all the evening the ground is white.

The men could not do anything much.

Josie got dinner.

Mrs Carr knit some.

I finished a pair of socks for the Red Cross ladies. I have knit ten pair that is all the yarn that I have got.

10 oclock

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Monday, December  2, 1918

Monday, December 2, 1918

A good day. Owen had a corn shucking had a few hands and finished his corn.

Josie sewed some. I got a snack for dinner.

I went to George Blairs this evening found them all able to be up. Heard that Nellie and Evelyn Brumfield is sick. I am so sorry. I got a box of yarn from Richmond to day guess Effie sent it hope I will hear from her soon.

Josie and I sewed some to night the first time this fall.

8 o clock

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Thursday, December 12, 1918

Thursday, December 12, 1918

A cloudy disagreeable day but no rain.

Ben worked on Owens house. Miss Angle and Miss Janie went from here to school this morning.

Josie sewed some. I knit. I got some yarn from Richmond.

Josie went to Carries this evening did not stay long. Heard to day that Kate was feeling some better.

9 oclock

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Monday, January 13, 1919

Monday, January 13, 1919

A good day. Ben went to Altavista after lumber and got it. Jim cut some wood in the woods.

Josie got dinner and made Franklin a dress & then went to Marvins.

I washed some.

I got a box of yarn from Richmond to day from Mary Brumfield to knit for her.

All are well and I want to be thankful.

10 o'clock

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