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Tuesday, May  4, 1920

Tuesday, May 4, 1920

Cloudy this morning. Clear this evening. The men folks plowed & harrowed on their land all day. Josie sewed a little and helped get dinner. I went to Mr Owens. Mrs Dews & Mrs. Scruggs was there. We had a pleasant evening. Carrie come here a few minutes. I would of bin glad if I had bin at home.

9 15 oclock

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Friday, May  7, 1920

Friday, May 7, 1920

A cloudy day and a little rain. Jim & Ben planted corn. Josie staid at home and done the work. She fixed me a lunch. I gave her 25 cts. Mrs Dews & Terrow [?] went to the island. They carried me and Elsie Scruggs. I am so glad that she let me go. Ben carried me to Mr Dewss. Kate come and staid a few minutes. Am sorry but cant helpe it now. I have bin a sleep.

9 30 oclock

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Wednesday, June  7, 1922

Wednesday, June 7, 1922

A good day. Ben went to [Gretna?] for medicine. Jim plowed we had lots of company most of the day [and] got dinner [...] washed [...] Mrs [Trent?] got in the clothes

I milked Nellie. Baked light rolls for supper Mrs [Dews?] sent me cabbages & peas * apples [every?] one is so good to us.

This is wrote Thursday. I went to sleep and did not write when I should of done it. Mrs [Edmonds?] and Kate [H?] was here today.

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Thursday, June 22, 1922

Thursday, June 22, 1922

A good day. Jim & Ben and Mr. Booker got up with hay all evening. Henry & Jim plowed until noon. Mrs. Dews sent us some apples today Mrs. Trent [ironed?] all the morning. I got dinner. Kate come this evening and brought Josie some light bread. Johnson & Mollie and Julie Fergerson come to see Josie this evening. Mrs. Mamie Hutchenson come and brought us some snaps. I am diapointed that Carrie did not come to see me this evening.

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Wednesday, July 26, 1922

Wednesday, July 26, 1922

A cloudy day but no rain. The men worked in the tobacco all day. Henry went to Strait Stone to the meeting. I think he had a fine time. Mrs [Dews?] & Mrs Power come to see Josie. Farmor Dews brought them. They brought Josie a box. Mrs Kellie sent her a box. Mr Thomson sent her some ice. Nellie cand[sic] five cans of tomatoes. I got dinner. Mrs Car churned. Jim & Ben killed the bees tonight. That is the last of my having any thing to do with bees I guess.

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Saturday, August  5, 1922

Saturday, August 5, 1922

A good day until near night then a rain & wind and some hail. I hope not enough to damage any thing much. Ben & Henry cleared up a barn getting ready to cut tobacco. Ben has gone to Bookers barn now. Mrs Car bathed the children this evening. Mrs Dews sent me some snaps by Mr Nat Wooding. I am glad of them. I made one jar of preserves & one of pickle, and near a gallon of jellie made the damsons that Carrie brought all in jellie.

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