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Tuesday, November 18, 1919

Tuesday, November 18, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day. I got dinner. Bessie the colored girl washed.

This evening Franklin & I went to Marvins. Carrie was washing. She finished while I was there.

We heard to night over the phone that Ludia Barnett was killed by a train today. That is so bad. Her folks will miss her so much.

Josie made Edna a cap and a box. Had good luck with both.

7:30 oclock

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Tuesday August 16, 1921

Tuesday August 16, 1921

A good morning. A little rain this evening. Ben & Jim worked in the tobacco all day. Josie washed. Henry helped some. Marvin & Reese and two colored men went to Marvins place to cut some wood. It rained and they come back early. Carrie and the little children come here & stayed with us. Reese come for them with the car. I was glad that he come.

Well I have staid at home all day for one time.

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Monday, April  5, 1920

Monday, April 5, 1920

Rain this morning. The branch was out of the banks. To night it is colde and windy. We all eat dinner at home this evening. Ben & Marvin Henry and Reece went to the Sulpher Springs. Josie Edna Franklin and Mabel and I all went to Marvins. Eula & Harold & Russel Mayhew come. The children had some colored eggs. I think they had a good time. Johnson Reynolds was at Marvins. Jim was there two. It has bin a bad Easter. I am glad that we are as well as usual.

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Monday, December  6, 1920

Monday, December 6, 1920

A good day. The boys killed hogs. Jim had two to kill, Ben 4. We got up at four oclock. Marvin and Owen and William Gilbert helped them. Bettie Haley helped me. Nellie & Viney a colored woman come at twelve oclock. They cut up the hogs and salted them up. Nellie got her sausage ground to night. Jim and Ben helped some. Heard to day that Lizzie write died last night. I had a letter from Mary Brumfield to day. Mollie Reynolds come this evening. Josie went with Ben to Mount Airy.

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Tuesday, December  7, 1920

Tuesday, December 7, 1920

A good day. Ben & Jim helped Marvin kill hogs. Nellie put up her sausage and cut the meat for mine. Josie seasoned for us both. Vinie the colored woman fried out the lard for us. Reese went for Martha Miller this morning to help Carrie. Mr Rob Hubbard and Ella and two business men come to see Mrs Car. They did not stay for dinner.

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Monday, January  8, 1923

Monday, January 8, 1923

A good day. The men stripped tobacco. Grace staied all night. She walked part of the way home. Kate Harvey come and staid with us most of the day. Demia? Blair come a while. Nellie come home today. We were all glad that they all come.

Jose has been bad off all day.

John Ward wife come here this morning (colored people). She carried some clothes home to iron. Etta Gilbert come. She washed dishes and swept the floor for me. I sent some butter to Elise East today. Hope she may sell it for me.

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Thursday, August 30, 1923

Thursday, August 30, 1923

A good day. Marvin and Carrie washed this morning. I got dinner. Snaps butter beans and corn and a potatoe pudding. I churned. A colored woman came and gathered the tomatoes. Some three or 4 bushels. Reese carried me to Gretna and to see Jenia Brumfield. She had come to see me. I come back with Reese. Little Christenia and a Miss Angle come with us home. They had water mellon and musk mellon and peaches. All they would eat. Reese carried them home. Carrie sewed some tonight. Finished one of Rays blouses.

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