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Tuesday, November 26, 1918

Tuesday, November 26, 1918

A good day.

Ben and Josie and Mrs Carr went to Chatham. I kept Franklin and got dinner.

Josie went up to Marvins and staid with Carries children while Marvin and Carrie went to Strait Stone and tonight Ben and Josie and Janie Gravley has gone to the school house at Strait Stone to a Community League meeting. Miss Angle passed here to day on her way to the Mountain School House.

9 : oclock

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Sunday, March 21, 1920

Sunday, March 21, 1920

A bright cool day. We all staid at home until after twelve. Ben & Josie & the children went to Lee Brumfields. I went to Marvins. George Blair and Denia was there. Marvin & Aubra Brumfield & Hugh and Fred Hutcherson & Reese Smith all went on the mountains. Josie has sick head ache tonight. Franklin is in my bed and I am going to let him stay there.

7:30 oclock

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Sunday, March 25, 1923

Sunday, March 25, 1923

A beautiful day. We all staid at home until after dinner except Henry. Lawson Emmerson and Henry went on the mountain. They carried a snack to eat with them. Carrie and family come to Lee Brumfields. Brough my [hand pocket?]. Ben went for it. He let the children and I go with him. We did not get out of the car. Henry went to bed with the headache. Nellie has bin company today. Kate Harvey went to see Pearl today the first time that she has bin out since she was so sick. Jim went off this evening had has not come home yet. Hope he will come soon.

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Sunday, October 21, 1923

Sunday, October 21, 1923

A good day. Thomas Brumfield is here. He come yesterday. Ben carried Nellie and Elain to Gretna this morning. They were going to Lynchburg to meet Evylin and Claud. I do hope that they got on o.k. Lee and Ben and Hugh went to Smiths[sic] Mountain today. Henry went to the baptizing at Camp Branch Bridge. Carrie and all of the children come and Kate come. I was very glad that they come. Jim went to Mr Ned Walkers. He is sick but is felling better today. Jim and Ben was late getting home to night.

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