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Thursday, January  3, 1918

Thursday, January 3, 1918

A clear colde day. Ben and Josie come home a while after 1 oclock this morning. They said that they had a fine time at Mr Edmons. Ben went to Renan and to see Charles this morning. Charles is feeling some better now. Hellen & Brumfield & Virginia Harvey come today. They are here now. I got breakfast and milked the cows. Josie got dinner. I sewed some made me three boddices. I have finished 8 little waists for Carries children. I worked the button holes and sewed on the buttons tonight.

9 30 oclock

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Saturday, January 11, 1919

Saturday, January 11, 1919

A good day Mr Owen went to the mill did not get his grinding done.

Ben put shoes on the horses this morning. Jim & Ben worked on Owens house this evening.

Josie sowed this morning I got dinner. I finished two pair of drawers for Ben. Worked the button holes and sowed on the buttons to night.

Ben has gone to Strait Stone to night it is lodge night.

9 oclock

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Saturday, August 30, 1919

Saturday, August 30, 1919

Cloudy but no rain to speak of. We need rain.

Jim staid at the barn all day and is there yet.

Ben & Owen and the boys cut tobacco. They finished Owens and Jims. They are at the barn now stringing leaves.

Josie got dinner.

This evening I went and got some sweet potatoes and washed them.

I went to Marvins a little while late this evening. Carrie was makeing Roy a blouse. I brought it home with me and have finished the button holes & sewed on the buttons. Marvin had finished tieing Hatties tobacco & commenced on Paul Bennetts.

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Thursday, April  6, 1922

Thursday, April 6, 1922

A cool rainy day. Ben & Jim worked in the orchard pickin up and burning brush as long as they could and not get wet. Henry and Edna went to school. Josie made Henry a shirt, I worked the button holes and put on the buttons. I churned & got dinner. I finished three quilts, that is all of them ready to use.

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Saturday, September  9, 1922

Saturday, September 9, 1922

A very hot day. Daisy and I ironed most of the morning. Daisy washed the cook room this evening. I mended some over alls and sewed on a few buttons. Nellie sewed on buttons and made two under waists. The men folks cut & set up corn this evening. The little (col)[sic] children picked some peas.

Ben & Henry went to the barn tonight to make fines. Mabel slept this evening and now she is wide awake and I wish she would not make so much fuss.

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Thursday, May 31, 1923

Thursday, May 31, 1923

A cloudy day. No rain. It is needed so bad. They finished plowing over the corn. It is so dry that they hardly know what to do. Ben worked on his flowers some. Jim replanted the water mellons. I done nothing that you can see. I made Edna an under waist. I wanted to go to Gretna so bad but could not get off. I need needles and thread and buttons. Lelia Ward washed for us today and ironed and sent the clothes home. She is a good hand.

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Saturday, September  1, 1923

Saturday, September 1, 1923

A good day. Marvin finished curing his house of tobacco today. Carrie made Franklin two blouses this morning. I got dinner and sewed on some buttons. Today is Paul Smiths birth day. He is eleven years old. They all bathed all the children and put clean clothes on them. Marvin went and gathered a big bucket of snaps for me to take with me home tomorrow if I go. That is what I intend. I want to see them all. I have helped Carrie the best that I could this week. Hope that I may be able to help the rest next week.

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