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Mrs. Julia A Brumfield


Long Island


Pittsylvania Co State of Virginia

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Friday January 14, 1921

Friday January 14, 1921

A very bad day. Hail & rain and sleet. The ice was so heavy that some trees broke. The olde cut paper here broke badly.

Jim and Ben stripped tobacco. Ben milked for me this morning. I was a fraid I might fall on the ice.

I got dinner and churned. Mr Sam Owens baby is very sick. Josie went up there this evening. I am sorry for them but cant help them. Marvin solde tobacco at Gretna today. Was well pleased. I am so glad. I have not seen any of Marvins people in some time. Hope the weather will soon be better so I can get a round.

Mabel has woke up. She gives her mother a hard time. I pittie Josie and the baby.

9 oclock

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Saturday, September 11, 1920

Saturday, September 11, 1920

A good day. Ben & Henry went to the mill. Staid and got the grinding. Got home after dark. Mr Owen finished fireing two cureings. To night Jim will stay with his barn tonight. Josie & Franklin are both sick tonight. I went to Reynols to day to see Julia. They had a lot of company mostly their own folks. Robert brought me home. I went by Marvins. Carrie was finishing washing. I pittie the young house keepers.

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Wednesday, June 21, 1922

Wednesday, June 21, 1922

A good day. Ben & Jim finished getting the wheat and cut the oats. They cut a few oats for Mr. Booker. Lizzie & [Loney?] Bennett come to see us today. I was glad that they come. Lenney carried all the children and I to [Renan?]. I went to see Kate a few minutes. Dr. Wigginton & Pearl was there. I was glad to see them. The bees swarmed today. Ben hived them. I am getting vegetables a plenty now. The people around has bin very good to us. I know we are to be pittied. I am olde and give out & Josie is sick and has to be waited on.

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Saturday, August 25, 1923

Saturday, August 25, 1923

A beautiful day. I am at home tonight. Marvin brought me home this morning. Found them all getting on well. Some of them said that they did not miss me. I milked tonight. Franklin helped me what he could. The men folks are fixing to opossome hunting. Evelyn is going two for the lack of sence. She claims to be not able to work. After this she needs no pitty only because she has no more sence. Mr. Mayhew come up here today and got some mellons. They have a lot of them here now.

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Monday, December 24, 1923

Monday, December 24, 1923

A good day. Ben and the children and Jim went to Strait Stone this morning. Jim and Ben and Henry went to Renan tonight. I boiled a ham and dressed two chickens this morning. Ben swept the parlor and hall today. I got a cake and several packages in the mail and the children got several things. I am so glad to be remembered. Every one is so good to me. Jim gave me a pitcher. Aluminum. Very nice. I am invited to Ben Easts to dinner tomorrow. Guess I won't go. Would like to go but some one will have to stay here.

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