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Saturday, January 18, 1919

Saturday, January 18, 1919

A rainy morning. Clear tonight. Ben & Jim and Mr. Owen and the children stripped tobacco today. Josie knit most of the time. I darned and patched most of the day.

Tonight Lizzie and Earl Bennett come. I am so glad that Lizzie come. Earl would not stay here tonight he went to George Blairs.

11 o'clock

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Saturday, November  3, 1923

Saturday, November 3, 1923

Ednas birth day [written at the top of the page] A cloudy morning. Clear this evening. Jim stripped tobacco all day. John Ward tied. Kates Harveys sale was today. Ben went to the sale. Things sold low. Effie Brumfield carried her mother to Levelrun store and Hugh and I to Mr. Worshams pond. I did not catch a fish. Effie and Hugh caught five. We stoped at Level Run store. Effie and Hugh patched a tire. The children staid at the barn all the evening. Ben and Henry has gone a hunting tonight.

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