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Saturday December 31, 1921

Some clouds and a colde south wind. Ben & family exct Henry and I went to Marvins. We met Carrie & the children comeing here. They went home and we all had dinner with them. John Brumfield come to Marvins a while. He had bin to dinner. Carrie & all of the children come home with us. I am glad to have them. Marvin staid at home to take care of things. Henry went home with Hugh last evening to spend the evening and night. He is at home to night. I am anxious for Jim to come back as he intends to. I am glad that we are all well and all of my folks are reasonably well as for as I know except Lonnie Bennett

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Memoranda (i)

and he is improving I hope. I had a letter from Julia Fergerson. She sent me a nice handkerchief. Carrie gave me a box of stationary & Reese gave me a box of nice candy. Well so ends this year. It has not bin so good but I would be glad to that the next wont be any worse. Ten oclock Sat night 1921

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Memoranda (ii)

The first snow of the winter of 1921 and 1922 fell on the 22nd of December 1921.

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Memoranda (iii)

I owe Ben four dollars and thirty cts this the 8th of November 1921

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[printed at the bottom of the page] Found the spotted heifer calf the 12 of April 1921

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