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Wednesday January 26, 1921

This morning the ground was covered with snow. It has bin cloudy all day but no weather. Jim and Ben stripped tobacco. Mr Owen & Luke went to Gretna with a load of tobacco. It solde very well. I have felt sorry for them to be out in such weather. I hope it wont make them sick. Henry went to school. Edna had a colde and staid at home.

I got the most of the dinner. Josie sewed some on her quilt. I milked the cows and fed the calf and chickens. Brought 4 buckets of water and did not fall down. I am a fraid to do what I might. We did not see any of Marvins folks. Guess he is stripping tobacco all that he can fixing for market.

10:15 oclock

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Thursday January 27, 1921

Snowed a gain last night. This morning was very colde. Ben milked the cows for me and fed the calf. Jim and Ben stripped tobacco. Henry did not go to school. He made pathes a round to several places. I fed the chickens and brought some water. I have 18 little chickens for the hawk I am a fraid. We cooked dinner in the dining room by the fire place. Wood is scarce for the range.

The little baby has bin very cross. She has a colde. I hope she wont get sick and they can all keep well. I beg for strength and patience to stand what I have to.

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Friday January 28, 1921

A clear day. The snow melted very fast this evening. Jim and Ben stripped tobacco. Mr Owen helped them to day.

Josie and I both got the dinner. Josie finished her old quilt that she was pieceing on and made a pillow slip. I went to Marvins a while. Marvin was mending their shoes.

Henry went to school. Had a fight with Sam Owen.

Ben got a letter from Dr Neff this evening. He did not write very encourageing a bout Josies condition. It cast a gloom over them. I am in hopes she may get on better than he expects. I am so sorry for them & cant helpe.

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Saturday January 29, 1921

A good morning. Cloudy this evening and some hail. The men stripped tobacco most of the day. Shucked some corn just at night.

Josie and Henry went to the store this evening at Cedar Forest. The baby has bin very good for her all evening. The children has very bad coughs. The olde hog caught one of my chickens to day. Miss Carter taught school today to make up a lost day. Irvin Harvey got a phonagrapt from the Island today for Virginia Harvey. Hope she may be pleased with it.

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Sunday January 30, 1921

A cloudy day and a little rain. Josie and Ben & Jim & the children staid at home all day. Josie got dinner. She baked pies mince and potatoe pies.

I went to Johnsons. Reubin Reynols come for me and Johnson brought me home. Mollie had a good dinner. I enjoyed my visit. Floid and Christenia had kites and let them fly. They were the first that I ever saw fly. Irvin Harvey come there this evening. He has growed and is a fine looking boy. Virginia was at home today.

8 oclock

Josies cactus is in bloom now.

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