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Friday January 21, 1921

A good day. Jim went home. Marvin went to Gretna. Jim went with him that far. Ben helped Owen strip tobacco a while. Ben & Josie and the little children went to the school house. The car stuck in the mud as they came back home.

Tonight Marvin & Ben went to the farmers meeting to night. Josie got dinner & supper. Lees folks are having a dance. Oscar has bin hunting some one to make musick. Mr Owen would not go. His baby is sick. Mrs Edmon is sick. Marvin went to see her this evening. I have not bin well today.

I have 5 little chickens. Hope I can rais them.

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Saturday January 22, 1921

A beautiful day. Ben helped Mr Owen strip tobacco. Henry brought water and Josie and washed some. Josie fixed dinner. Henry went to Mount Airy. He rode Prince. The roads is so bad that a car hardly can go. I do hope that they soon will be better.

Josie baked a cake this evening. Carrie come a few minutes this evening. I am allways glad when she comes. Wish she could stay longer. I have nine little chickens.

They had a dance at Lee Brumfields last night.

I have not heard from Mr. Edmons today. Hope she is better. Josie is having a time batheing the children tonight.

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Sunday January 23, 1921

A rainy morning. Cleared up a bout sunup then we had a good day. Josie and I got a snack for dinner. Henry had some shot he plays with his air rifle.

Ben went after Jim. Marvin went with him. I went as far as Kate Harveys. I was glad to go. Charles & Virginia & Virginia Moses was there. I was glad to see them all. Ben had some trouble with his car.

Carrie & the children come a while. I am glad that they come. Rubin Reynols come a few minutes. I was glad to see him. He is at home helping his father now to strip tobacco and shuck corn.

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Monday January 24, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben helped Mr Owen strip tobacco. They finished a cureing for him today and put it in the pit tonight. The children went to school. Josie washed some then went to Marvins a little while. Come home and got supper.

I ironed some and got dinner. Mr Owens baby has got a bout well again. Have not heard from Mrs Edmons to day. If the weather stays good I think I will go around some soon.

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Tuesday January 25, 1921

A good day and much colder. Jim and Ben helped strip tobacco. They loaded the waggon for the market. I am afraid it will be snowing.

Josie ironed today. I got dinner. This evening I went to see Mollie Reynols. Johnson finished stripping tobacco this evening and loaded it on the truck. Floid Reynols is bad off with colde. Mollie got a letter from Julia today. Mildred is a bout well a gain.

Kate Harvey come by Reynols on her way to see Carries. I did not see Carrie to day. If the weather and my health will admit I will go to see her tomorrow.

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