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Tuesday February 15, 1921

A good day. Jim and Ben burnt a plant bed. Jim finished the bed. Ben carried some chickens to Mt Airy for me and then started to Gretna. Was going to Danville tonight. Grace Brumfield went to Danville today.

John Tucker carried some tobacco for Ben & Lee today. Mr Owen carried his cows from here today. Josie ground the sausage and seasoned it. Today I made scrapple. I went to Marvins this evening. Henry and Edna went to school.

I sent 4 roosters and 4 hens to the store.

I have a rooster that John Smith raised. I am to pay three dollars for him.

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Wednesday February 16, 1921

A good day. Jim worked on a plant bed. Ben was in Danville. Solde some tobacco. Missed the train that he aimed to come on but got to come on a car. We was all very glad that he got home. He was not pleased with the sales of his tobacco.

Josie washed a big washing of clothes today.

Carrie and the children come this evening. I was glad that they come. Henry & Edna went to school today.

I got a letter from Ola Jefferson. I was glad to hear from her.

Jim has gone to Marvins to help him burn a plant bed to night.

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Thursday February 17, 1921

A beautiful day. Jim & Ben shucked corn all day or a bout. I went and shucked one shock.

Josie both had a hand getting dinner. Josie baked a cream puding. It was fine. This evening I went to Marvins. Kate Harvey was there. She did not stay late. I was glad to see her. Osker come down here this evening. Irvin Harvey was with him. Oscar brough Ben clover seed. He got some butter. They had company to night.

Henry and Edna went to school to day.

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Friday February 18, 1921

A good day. Ben [and] Jim hauled feed and a load of corn today. Ben went to Gretna this evening to meet Nellie & Evylin. I went with him. We carried 12 hens and 7 doz eggs. We bought several things. I am glad that Nell & Evylin come.

Josie ironed most of the day.

Henry & Edna went to school. Carrie come a few minutes this evening. I did not see her. Would like to see them all but cant tell when that will be. May not ever see them a gain but hope I will.

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Saturday February 19, 1921

A bad evening. Hail and rain. Jim & Ben cut stalks for feed this morning. Henry helped them. Josie got dinner. I boiled some meat at the wash house and burnt some bre[ad?]. Evlyn made some candy and poped some corn. The children is foolish a bout Evylin. She is good to play with them. Ben & Jim put some tobacco in the pit after it commenced to rain.

Marvin come a while this evening. Josie got supper tonight. Nellie and Evylin washed dishes to night.

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