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Friday, January 16, 1920

A bad day. Hailed a little and snowed some. Tonight it is raining. Jim & Ben got up a plant bed. Ben & Josie went to Renan and bought several things. Josie got dinner. I went to Marvin's a few minutes this evening. Mrs Mayhew is very sick. She gave birth to twins this morning. They are dead. Henry & Edna went to school. Mr. Dick Wooding brought Edna home. 8 30 oclock I am not well tonight.

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Saturday, January 17, 1920

A clear day, cold & windy. Jim & Ben went to Mr Hutchersons and helped a bout buriin Mrs Mayhew's twin babies.

Jim went home this evening. Marvin carried him a part of the way.

Josie got dinner. I staid with the baby this evening. I sewed some on my quilt.

Ben tried to fix Henry's air rifle and mashed his thumb right bad, hope it will get well soon. Josie is at the dinning room ironing now.

8 oclock

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Sunday, January 18, 1920

A clear cold day. Ben went to Marvin's this morning. This evening we all went up there. Maybel cried so that they brought her home. I thin k she was sick. Aubrey Brumfield come and played with Henry all day. Reese & Paul come with him here. They went home for dinner. Josie made pies. I cooked a chicken for dinner. We did not eat supper. 8 oclock

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Monday, January 19, 1920

A clear cold day. Ben went to Chatham for Jim. They got home at dark. They come by Letcher Craddocks and got some honey. Josie washed some. We eat a cold dinner except coffee. I kept the baby. I do the work that has to be done or keep the baby from before light until after dark. I am afraid that I can't hold out at it until spring. I feel so bad I don't see no way to help myself. 9 oclock

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Tuesday, January 20, 1920

A cloudy day but no weather to hinder work. Ben & Jim worked on their new ground. Josie worked on her dress.

Henry & Edna went to school. Henry has a bad cough to night. Jim mended his shoes. Reese come this evening for some thread that Ben got in Chatham. 9 o clock

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