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Saturday, December 28, 1918

A colde day. Ben and Fanny Power come home this morning at three oclock.

We had very late breakfast. Ben and Marvin set up Charles and Lillian Brumfields tomb stone.

Ben and Josie went with Fannie home. The children staid here . I got dinner. Carrie Smith come down here a few minutes this evening.

Paul Bennett come a little while this morning. Jim Emerson stopped in a few minutes this morning.

8 oclock

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Sunday, December 29, 1918

A clear colde day we were all at home this morning. Charley Hutcherson came here a little while this morning.

I went to George Blairs and eat dinner. They had a fine dinner turkey & olde ham and everything else that it takes to make a good meal. They had a lot of company Ben & Josie and the children eat dinner at Carries. They had a good dinner - old ham & custard & cakes of several kinds Ben & Marvin went to Gretna to meet Miss Snead. She is at Lees to night. Whit Short was buried this evening 8 o'clock

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Monday, December 30, 1918

A good day Ben & Owen hauled some stalks for the cows. Josie staid at home all day. I went with Marvin & Carie to Ren Worshams We had a very pleasant day Ethel had a good dinner and I certainly did enjoy it I am glad that Ren has a nice good house.

Ben & Josie has gone to Mr Mayhews to a party Virginia & Reubin Reynolds came by on their way to Mayhews. Hugh Brumfield is here to nigh it seems that they can't go to sleep.

I got a letter from Lottie Craddock I am always glad to hear from them

10 o'clock

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Tuesday, December 31, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben & Marvin cut feed at Marvins & at home. Marvin eat dinner with Ben. I went to Marvins and spent the day. Kate Harvey was there two. Carrie had a nice dinner. I went with Kate home to spend the night. Virginia & Irvin went to school. Irvin got a helmet that they called a German helmet. Charles Harvey sent it to him. Heard to day that Mrs. Pleas Worsham is dead. It is with a sad heart that I write for the last time in my little book.

8 o clock

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Memoranda (i)

Let Sam Owen have $20 to day July 27th 1918

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