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Tuesday, January 28, 1919

A good day. The men folks finished the hog pen this morning and stripped tobacco this evening. Josie washed this morning & went to Marvin's this evening. Mollie & Christenia Reynols was there. I helped strip tobacco this evening.

Miss Snead come to Lee Brumfields to night. I don't know what she will do about board. I am so sorry a bout the way the school has bin this winter. I am afraid it won't do any good this time.

I commenced knitting Mary Brumfield cap[?] this morning. Want to finish it soon.

10: oclock

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Wednesday, January 29, 1919

A good day. Ben carried Miss Snead to Gretna this morning. Jim & Mr. Owen stripped tobacco. The children and I helped.

Josie got dinner. I washed dishes. Josie & Carrie went to Strait Stone, thought that the Ladies Aid Society would meet, there was no one there.

Willie Mayhew loaded his truck with Mr. Owen's tobacco this evening, wants to start to Danville in the morning.

I have finished knitting Mary Brumfield's cap.

Jim & Ben and Josie are playing cards.

9 oclock

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Thursday, January 30, 1919

A good day but windy. Ben & Josie and Jim went to Chatham. Willie Mayhew & Owen went to Danville and have not got home yet. Henry & Edna and I staid at home most of the day. Henry & Edna went to Marvins this evening. I done a little washing and sweeping.

10 oclock

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Friday, January 31, 1919

A good day. The men folks stripped tobacco most of the day. Ben went to Greenfield Church to a meeting of some sort. Grace Brumfield & Kate Harvey spent the day with us. Carrie and the childen come this evening.

I sent Mary Brumfield's knitting home to day. Mr Owen got home last night at one oclock from Danville. He sold his last tobacco.

Ben & Jim are at the barn to night tieing tobacco.

9 30 oclock

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Saturday, February 1, 1919

A beautiful day.

Ben & Jim and Owen burned a plant bed & sowed it. Ben & Owen hauled some stalks and cut them for feed. Josie and I ironed and got dinner this evening. I went to Marvins a few minutes. Mr Mayhew is here tonight. They are playing cards.

Josie got a letter from her mother this evening telling her that her sister is not getting on well. I guess that she will go to see her soon.

I got a letter from Thelma Brumfield this evening. She seems to be getting on well.

9 oclock

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