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Sunday, April 13, 1919

A good day.

Josie & I got the dinner.

I went to Owens and dressed the baby.

Nellie and Evylin went home this evening.

Ben & Jim went to Gretna. They went on Bens car.

Sister Mary & Minty Motley come to day. Claud Debs? brough them. I am very glad that they come. Marvin & family come a few minutes this evening.

11 oclock

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Monday, April 14, 1919

A good day. Mr. Owen hauled a load of guano from the island. Mr Mayhew hauled four loads. Jim plowed.

Josie got a mess of turnip salit from Posie Reynols and got the most of the dinner. Henry went to the store this morning.

This evening Mary Towler & Minty Motley and I went to George Blairs and had a nice time. Denia was not at home. Wren Worsham was at Georges. Him and three children. He brought us most of the way home.

10 oclock

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Tuesday, April 15, 1919

A good day. Ben & Owen worked on their tobacco land. Jim plowed some in the garden.

Bettie Rosser washed.

Mary and Mintie and I and Edna & Henry went to Johnsons. Nannie Kate Reynols & her baby come over there.

Josie baked some pies for dinner. I cut salit.

I went to Renan. Paid Lewis what I owed him. Bought some prunes & candy.

My shoes that Josie ordered come. I got a little check interest on my bonds.

10 oclock

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Wednesday, April 16, 1919

A cloudy morning and rain before twelve oclock.

The men folks could not do much of any thing.

Mary Towler and Mintie Motley went from here this morning. Ben carried them to George Blairs and Frank Blair carried them home and brought his mother home.

I got dinner today. Josie made Edna a dress and finished it some time before night.

I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. I got some stockings by mail that Josie ordered for me. Am very well pleased with them.

Franklin has bin cross and mean all day. I think because he could not play out doors.

9 oclock

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Thursday, April 17, 1919

A cool windy day. The men folks sawed wood here & at Mr Owens. Josie ironed some and got dinner. This evening she sewed on pants for Franklin.

Aubrey Brumfield come here this evening for potatoes. I did not have them for him. Jim made a hot bed Tuesday and used all the potatoes that was fit to bed.

I have mised sister Mary and Mintie to day. Hope they got home ok.

I cut some grass out of the straw berrie patch this evening. Edna and Paul went to Molly Reynolds's this evening. They did not stay but a little while.

9:30 oclock

Today was Roy Smiths birthday.

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