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Tuesday November 29, 1921

Tuesday November 29, 1921

A good day. Ben and Jim shucked some corn and loaded Jims tobacco on John Hutcherson truck. John & Jim started to Danville. I hope they got there ok. This evening Ben & Marvin went to the school house and helped to put a pump in the well that has bin bored there. They staid late. The children come home with them. Josie had supper ready when they got home. I cut peices and sewed on my quilt most of the day. Hope to finish the squares tomorrow if I work on it. I wanted to go to Marvins this evening but would not leave Josie Mabel.

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Monday, January  5, 1920

Monday, January 5, 1920

A clear cold day. Jim & Ben cut wood in the woods. We got dinner today at twelve oclock. Josie went to Carries a little while today. I kept the baby. She was very good. I cut a feww peices for a quilt. Josie washed & ironed a dress for Edna.

Henry & Edna went to school. It was very colde on them.

8 oclock

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Sunday, January 22, 1922

Sunday, January 22, 1922

A good day. Lee Brumfield and Hugh and Stuart Owen was here at dinner today. Lee & Jim went to Steven Davis s for to get Lees dog Hugh went home sick. Henry & Edna is sick. I am very sorrie for them all and hope they may all be better by morning. Mrs Kent and Eula Mayhew come a while this evening and Mrs Booker. None of them did not stay long. I am so troubled a bout the children. But there is not any thing that I can do to help them.

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Friday, February  3, 1922

Friday, February 3, 1922

A good day. Very mudy and bad getting a bout. I have not bin out but little today. Ben milked for me. Josie done most every thing else. I churned and mended on overalls all day.

Ben & Jim made two crates for calfs [crossed out] calves that they intend to ship. We got the mail OK today. Josie got a package that she had ordered.

We cant go any wher and no one comes so we don't hear any news. Josie wrote to Carrie today. I think a bout them most of the time.

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Saturday, February  4, 1922

Saturday, February 4, 1922

A good day but it is raining tonight. Jim & Ben & Henry cut a little today. Jim commenced to smoke the meat today. Ben put a heater in his room. Mr Mayhew was here tonight. Ben & the children played games with him until ten oclock or near that. I got dinner today. Edna washed the dishes this morning & at dinner. Josie starched & ironed some. Today I mended some things. Ben milked for me this morning. There is so much mud that I cant get a round much.

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