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Tuesday, January  3, 1922

Tuesday, January 3, 1922

A cloudy colde day. Jim & Ben shucked some corn and fed the cows the stalks. We got dinner at twelve oclock today. The children went to school was very late comeing home. Mabel stuck a stick in Franklins eye. I am afraid it is hurt bad. Hope it may be a bout well in the morning. Josie and I have sewed a little today. I wrote Lizzie Benett this morning. I am uneasy a bout Lonnie. I had a note from Carrie today. I am glad that they got home ok. I feel like I would like to see all of the children but I may never see them all a gain. No one knows what will be.

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Wednesday, January  4, 1922

Wednesday, January 4, 1922

A cold morning and cloud. Warmer this evening. Jim & Ben ground axes and commenced to fix to burn plant land. The children went to school. Josie and got dinner and sewed a little. Hattie and Elie Gilbert washed here. Franklins eye has not hurt him much today. I have read a book thru tonight. Title The Playmates.

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Tuesday, February 27, 1923

Tuesday, February 27, 1923

A cloudy morning and some rain. No rain this evening. Ben and Jim went to Renan this morning. This evening they cut and mauled. Ben got hurt. The wedge hit him in the face and cut his lip and a gash in his face. He went to the Dr. and had it fixed up. I hope it will not get bad. Nellie and I got dinner. I churned and printed the butter. Nellie sewed some. I cut pieces for Kate to put together. I went to Norman Bookers a while this evening. Mrs Booker gave me some sweet potatoes as nice as I ever saw. I am so glad of them.

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