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Geek Weekly #2 [November Food'n'Fun issue]

GW#2 - p7 (6)

GW#2 - p7 (6)

[image of boy pointing and shouting, "HADJI!"]

OK, SO LAST ISSUE I SAID TO BUY ALL THE FELLS 7"S YOU COULD GET YER [sic] PAWS ON, WELL HERE'S A FELLS DISCOGRAPHY FOR YA. WE'LL CALL IT A SHOPPING LIST: 1. SPACE GIRLS 7" (DARK TWIST) Also has Sleep With You + [and] Uma on it. All three are excellent & they are even good recordings. Space Girls is really long and, well, spacey. Perfect! Sleep With You & Uma are very catchy - well so's the rest of their stuff, but Uma's simple & will stick to your skull lining for days. 2. HAJI 7" (TOXIC SHOCK) Split w/ Rancid Hell Spawn. Also has Fells' Dig It. I'm gonna have to ask Heath about this "Haji" thing because I let myself start wondering who he's talking about and now I'm possessed with the need

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