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Tuesday February  1, 1921

Tuesday February 1, 1921

A cloudy day. Ben & Jim stripped tobacco all day. Finished a cureing for Jim. Josie and I got dinner.

This evening Josie made starch and starched the clothes. Denia and Cordie Blair come this evening. I was glad that they come.

Marvin solde his last tobacco at Gretna. He was well pleased with the sale. Nat Wooding got two pounds of butter from here this evening.

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Saturday August 20, 1921

Saturday August 20, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben worked on their tobacco most of the day. They helped Marvin clear out his well this evening.

Jose ironed this morning. Marvin let Reese carrie me to White Falls. Paul & Roy went. They bathed in the river and had a good time. I caught 20 little fish. When I got home Lizzie was there. She had Ola's little boy with her. I am glad she come. I have slept most of the time to night but I could not help it. I had bin on my feet all day nearly.

Reese brought me home. Carrie & the children come with me. I thank them.

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Saturday September 17, 1921

Saturday September 17, 1921

A good day. Was cloudy this morning but cleared off soon.

Ben jobed a round all day. Henry cut some corn. Josie got dinner. I washed a little. Ben carried Edna to Dr Owens this morning to have her lip worked on. I am troubled a bout her. Hope she may soon be well.

Reese carried me to White Falls. I caught a few fish. Paul & Roy went with us.

Ben has gone hunting tonight.

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Monday September 19, 1921

Monday September 19, 1921

A clear dry day. Jim & Ben cut corn. Marvin and his hand helped them this evening. Ben & Jim went to Renan. There was no one at the store. The children went to school. Franklin come home very much complaining. I hope he will soon be well.

Josie and I washed some quilts this morning. I am so glad that we are done that job.

Josie spent the evening mending on the clothes. I went to Marvins. Some of Carries children has bad colds. I sowed some on a quilt this evening and to night. Every one has gone to bed and I will go soon.

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Thursday October 13, 1921

Thursday October 13, 1921

A cool clear day. There was a killing frost this morning. Ben finished sowing wheat today. Jim shucked some corn. I washed some.

Josie got dinner. She had beef steak and potatoe pudding. We all enjoyed dinner.

Josie, Mabel and I went to Marvins this evening. They all seemed to be getting on well.

The children went to school to day.

Jim fed the cows corn stalks today. Every thing has dried up in the pasture. It is a gloomy time a bout something to feed on.

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