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Monday June 20, 1921

Monday June 20, 1921

A clear day. Ben carried Willie & Bill to Long Island. Josie and Franklin & Mabel went with him.

Jim come home. Henry Blair brought him from Chatham. Lee & Ben cut some of Kate Harveys wheat this evening. Henry and I went with Ben to Renan. Heard this morning that Julia Fergerson has a little daughter born this morning. I am glad. I have not seen Carrie to day. I certainly did want to see her.

Well things dont go like I want them to but I cant help my self. Will try and do the best that I can. That is all I can do.

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Friday July 22, 1921

Friday July 22, 1921

A good day. Ben & Henry worked on tobacco until twelve oclock. This evening Ben went to the mill with some wheat. Come by Edwards and got a load of lumber.

Reese drove Bens car & carried Josie and all the children and I to White Falls. We did not catch but a few fish.

Marvin & Jim went to look at some land near Gladys, Virginia. Carrie went to see Julia Fergerson & baby. I want to see them two.

I set a hen today.

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Tuesday, February  6, 1923

Tuesday, February 6, 1923

A bad day. Snowed some today. Ben worked on picture frames. Jim made fires until dinner. Then he went to Renan and to Bookers. They think that Kate is better. Hope so. Any way there is more sickness than I ever knowed. Heard today that there was 22 persons on Mr. Less Bookers place sick.

Henry went to school. They had very few pupils. Nellie done most of the cooking. I sewed a little. I milked yesterday and today Edna helped me. She milked one cow. They baby has bin very cross yesterday and today. Nat Wooding did not come by here today.

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Wednesday, February 21, 1923

Wednesday, February 21, 1923

A good day. Jim and John cut today. Ben went to Chatham with Odie Kellie. They carried the poll books. Clement was elected. Nellie got dinner. Fried pies and baked tea cakes. She made a scarf for her mother. She got a letter from Evylin. I got a letter from Carrie Smith. Her baby is sick. I went to Johnson Reynols. They were well as usual. Julia Ferguson had gone to see her Aunt Kate. Jim Farthing bought him a car today. Reubin Reynols brought me home in their big car. I sewed a little today. Made Franklin a union suit.

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Thursday, December 27, 1923

Thursday, December 27, 1923

A rainy day. Jim went from here this morning. He was going to see his people at Lynchburg. I have felt all day like something serious was the matter. I can't tell why. Jim went with the Edmons boys to Gretna. Ben's car is so out of fix that it won't go like he would like. Floid Reynols was here a few minute to day. He said that Julia Fergeson's baby was very sick. Reubin and his mother was going to Danville this evening to see the baby. I hope it is better by now. I got a nice box of candy from Clifton and Jane today. I have got more nice presents and cards this Xmas than I ever did be fore at Xmas. Ben is at work on a picture frame to night.

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