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Friday, May 10, 1918

Friday, May 10, 1918

A good day until near night there was a thunder cloud and rain.

Ben planted a little corn this evening.

Josie got dinner.

I went to Carries and dressed the baby.

This evening Mrs John Hutcherson come and all the children. The first time she come on a visit this year.

I went to Carries a gain this evening. Mollie Reynolds was there.

We are talking of going to Richmond soon.

9 15 oclock

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Thursday, October 31, 1918

Thursday, October 31, 1918

A good day. Ben got Marvins horses and hauled logs and worked four horses to the truck. Paul helped to load on the logs.

Paul carried Dr Owen to see Mr Dews this morning. He had Bens car. Willie Mayhew has a very sick childe the Dr was to see it today. Clifton is still very sick. Marvin and Carrie went to see Doris Brumfield this evening. Josie and I and the Owen children and Henry finished stripping a curing of tobacco for Paul. We finished a bout twelve. This evening Cordie Blair and Doratha Worsham and Ada Hutcherson come a while. Ellen Bailiss and Louise Hutcherson come to bring some patterns that Josie let Mamie have.

9 30 oclock

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Saturday, October 11, 1919

Saturday, October 11, 1919

A good day. The men stripped tobacco all day.

Mrs Mamie Hutcherson come to see Josie this evening.

I went with Robert & Christenia Reynolds to Long Island to meet Henry Brumfield. He is on a visit from Norfolk.

I stopped at Mr Thomsons store and bought a few things. Robert brought me home. I saw Henry Blair at Strait Stone. He is lookin well.

Jim & Ben have gone to Strait Stone to night. It is lodge night.

8 oclock

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Saturday, June 17, 1922

Saturday, June 17, 1922

A good day. We had a shower this evening. Henry and I got up with the turkeys. Ben & Tim plowed some on the corn and helped Norman Booker get up some hay. Ben went to Gretna and got some flour that Jim bought. Hattie washed some this morning, Mrs. Mamie Hutcherson sent me some nice cabbage by Hattie. Mrs. Booker sent me some snaps by Jim. Miss Anna Hubbard sent Josie some light bread by mail. Mabel has cried a lot today. I hope she may feel better by morning. Ben bought some beef at Gretna I cooked some of it for supper. I hope to enjoy it.

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