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Thursday February  3, 1921

Thursday February 3, 1921

A beautiful day. Ben and Josie got up at three oclock in the morning and dressed and started for Charlottesville. They got to Gretna in time to take the train. Jim staid all night at Chatham and come to Gretna and solde a load of tobacco. He got back home a bout dark. He was very well pleased with what his tobacco brought. Henry went to school. The rest of the children done as well as could be expected. Franklin was sick the most of the day. Mabel staid up tonight until after nine oclock.

They are all abed now and a sleep but Edna.

9:30 oclock

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Friday February  4, 1921

Friday February 4, 1921

A good day. Jim helped Mr Owen strip tobacco. Henry went to school. Edna and I staid with Mabel and Franklin. Franklin was sick all night and part of today. He is better tonight.

Ben and Josie come from Charlottsvill to day. They had a blow out that delayed them some. I am so glad that they got home as well as they did.

Carrie come a few minutes this evening. She is bad off with a colde. Jim and Ben has gone to the school house to night to a farmers meeting.

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Monday February 14, 1921

Monday February 14, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben and Marvin killed a hog for Ben. Mr Sam Owen moved from here today. I felt sad to see them go but I hope he has bettered him self. He moved to Mr George Allens.

Henry and Edna went to school.

Josie got dinner and supper. I fixed up after hog killing.

Josie went to Marvins this evening. She carrie[d] Franklin and Mabel. Mollie Reynols was there a while. I would of like to see them all. I would be glad to see all of the children. I may never see them all any more.

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Sunday February 27, 1921

Sunday February 27, 1921

A cloudy day. Ben packed his tobacco down ready to load on the truck. Shucked some corn. Helped a man get his car out of the mud. Hitched Prince to the car and pulled it out. Went to meet Jim. Marvin went with him.

Josie and I went to Marvin. Edna, Franklin, and Mabel went. Henry went to Johnson Reynols. Heard to day that a childe was burnt to death at Clide Reynols's. No one know what will happen in a day. I feel glad when all is reasonable well and have enough of things to be comfortable. I wish I could be more thankful and more humble than I am.

Carrie comed my hair today.

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Tuesday March  1, 1921

Tuesday March 1, 1921

A beautiful day. Jim and Marvin went to Gretna. Marvin carried his cow to Mr Scrugs and solde him the calf. He had started to ship the calf. Jim carried a box of meat to send to Chatham for his folks.

Ben solde the last of his tobacco in Danvill to day. Ben and Josie went to Danville. They bought several things. Got home at dark. I am so glad that they are all at home and all are well.

I staid here with Edna & Franklin and Mabel. I ironed until twelve oclock. Charles Harvey come in a few minutes this morning. I do want to see Kate Harvey so bad. I will go over as soon as I can.

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