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Wednesday, October  1, 1919

Wednesday, October 1, 1919

A good day. Jim & Ben worked on Marvin's stable all day. Ben lost some time. Josie has been sick all day. She has a little girl born at 8 oclock tonight. Dr Owen went from here to Irvin Bennetts. The children all staid at Carries tonight.

I have done what work has bin done here to day. There is a light in the north tonight. Dont know what caused it. The fair is going on at Lynchburg 10 oclock

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Tuesday, October  7, 1919

Tuesday, October 7, 1919

A beautiful day. Jim & Ben stripped tobacco. Owen loaded some on Mr Mayhews truck to day. They are going to South Boston.

Mollie and Christenia Reynolds come a little while to day. Mrs Owen & Mrs Dews come a few minutes this evening. Mrs Car washed dishes for me today and that was a big help.

I washed the babys flanels this evening.

Jim & Ben went to the barn to nigh to tie tobacco.

I have wrote a letter to Letcher Craddock to night.

9:5 oclock

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Monday, October 13, 1919

Monday, October 13, 1919

Cloudy most of the day. Rain tonight. The men folks worked on tobacco all day. I worked a round from one thing to another.

Late this evening I went to see Carrie. She was some better of her rheumatism. I hope she may soon be well.

Beatris Owen come in a few minutes to see the little baby.

Henry & Edna went to school to day. Franklin staid at home all day.

Marvin solde his cow today to Mr John Smith.

The boys went to tie tobacco tonight and have not come home yet.

8:30 oclock

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Wednesday, October 22, 1919

Wednesday, October 22, 1919

A cloudy day warm and good. Ben & Owen worked on the wheat land. Jim has not bin well. He had the tooth ache and his jaw is swolen. Josie got the most of the dinner. Nellie attended to the baby.

To day is my birth day. I am 73 years olde. I got up at five oclock and got breakfast. Seven: milked two cows then churned. Washed 68 pieces and went to Marvins. Come home and milked.

Nellie & Josie got the supper. I kept the baby.

Ben said he would carrie me to the river. I had no one to go with me. Thought I would wait and go some other day if I can.

I started John a letter to day.

Ben has gone hunting to night.

8:30 oclock

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Wednesday, October 29, 1919

Wednesday, October 29, 1919

A cloudy day. Jim & Ben plowed all day. Owen went to Long Island. Carried his calf.

Bessie Callands (col) come here this morning to work. I hope she may stay and be some help to us.

Josie got the dinner.

I washed a little this evening.

I went to Johnson Reynolds. While I was gone Miss Smith and Miss Carter and Janey Gravely stopped to see Josie and the baby. I would liked to have seen them but they did not come to see me.

Tonight Ben & Willie Mayhew has gone hunting.

9:15 oclock

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