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Wednesday, September 25, 1918

Wednesday, September 25, 1918

A good day. Denia and I went to Billie Bennetts. Found them well.

Paul was at Billies. He gave me his picture. Nanie had a good dinner and some fine water mellons.

Back at Letchers to night.

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Sunday, November 16, 1919

Sunday, November 16, 1919

A bright day. Ben carried Mrs. Car home this morning. Josie & three of the children went two. Jim and I went to Marvins and eat dinner. Henry went two after dinner. Henry & Reese and Paul went to Ren Worshams.

Rees went to Strait Stone on his wheel.

Jim & Marvin went to a crab apple tree. Jim had the children bite them. They thought it fun.

All have gone to bed so I guess I had better go.

9 oclock

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Monday, December 29, 1919

Monday, December 29, 1919

A cloudy morning & a little snow. Clear this evening.

Thelma & Mary and I went to Mag Brumfields and spent the day. Ben carried us and come after us. Mag had as nice a dinner as I ever set down to. Rees & Paul Smith and Hugh Brumfield was there.

Josie staid at home with the children. The baby is so cross that there is no doing anything with her. I am sorry for her & Josie two. Josie looks worn and tiered.

Charles Harvey was home today. Kate & Virginia Harvey come to Mags a few minutes this evening.

Tonight Ben & Thelma & Mary has gone to Graves Moses. They are haveing a party there tonight.

8 oclock

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Thursday September  1, 1921

Thursday September 1, 1921

A clear hot day. Ben & Jim and Henry, Edna, Franklin, Reese, Paul, Roy all went to Altavista to a show. I think they all enjoyed it very much. Today is Paul Smiths birth day. He is nine years olde. Josie sewed some this evening.

I went to Marvins a while. Carrie was makeing Roy some blouses. I am going to make the button holes.

I put my glasses in the range this morning and ruined them. I have mised them so much today.

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