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Sunday, January 19, 1919

Sunday, January 19, 1919

A good day. Ben & Jim staid at home all day. Lizzie was with us all day. Marvin & family was here this evening. Denia & Cordie Blair was here this evening. Doris and Aubrey Brumfield was here this evening. Josie got dinner.

She had things good & lookin nice.

The boys put some tobacco in the pit tonight.

9 o'clock

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Sunday, March  9, 1919

Sunday, March 9, 1919

Cloudy this morning. Clear this evening. We all staid at home until dinner then Ben went to Mr Dews to try to run his new car.

Jim went to Marvins Wren Worsham & some of the children come to Marvins.

Doris and Emit & Aubrey Brumfield & Floyd Reynols was here a while today.

We heard today that Ola Jeferson has a daughter

9 oclock

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Thursday, April 17, 1919

Thursday, April 17, 1919

A cool windy day. The men folks sawed wood here & at Mr Owens. Josie ironed some and got dinner. This evening she sewed on pants for Franklin.

Aubrey Brumfield come here this evening for potatoes. I did not have them for him. Jim made a hot bed Tuesday and used all the potatoes that was fit to bed.

I have mised sister Mary and Mintie to day. Hope they got home ok.

I cut some grass out of the straw berrie patch this evening. Edna and Paul went to Molly Reynolds's this evening. They did not stay but a little while.

9:30 oclock

Today was Roy Smiths birthday.

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Friday, July  4, 1919

Friday, July 4, 1919

A good day. The men folks all plowed. Josie got dinner. She cooked snaps and cymblins and potatoes and beets and baked apples. This evening I went with Gladdis and Hugh and Aubry Brumfield fishing. We caught a lot of little fish.

I come by Blairs. The men folks was stackin hay & oats. Several of the people a round went to Gretna & Altavista and some to South Boston.

Jim planted some corn & beans this evening.

10 30 O clock

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Sunday, October 26, 1919

Sunday, October 26, 1919

A good day. Very warm for the time of year.

Josie & I got dinner.

Nellie went home this evening. Ben carried her to Gretna. Jim and Franklin went.

I went to Marvins a few minutes. Ren & Ethel and all their children come a while this evening. I was glad to see them.

We agreed to take a negro girl to help us. She came this morning to see us.

Lawson Emerson & Jo Edmons come this evening to see Henry.

Aubra & Emet Brumfield was at Marvins this evening and Irvin Harvey. They had a time riding wheels.

9 oclock

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