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Wednesday, December 25, 1918

Wednesday, December 25, 1918

A good day. The roads is very muddy. Ben hunted some today. He killed four rabbits gave two of them to William Gilbert.

Josie and I staid at home.

Kate and Irvin Harvey come and eat dinner with us. They drove Prince home and Irvin brought him home. I had a letter from John and Effie Brumfield.

Mary Brumfield sent me a book to write in the coming year. Hope I may be able to write in it. Dick Woodings folks gave a party to night.

The children had a good time to day playing with the things they got this morning.

I got several presents was glad of them.

8 oclock

Josie gathered a bunch of violets in the garden to day

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Thursday, December 26, 1918

Thursday, December 26, 1918

A good day. Ben worked on Owens house this morning.

This evening we all went to Lee Brumfields. They had a very nice dinner turkey and boiled ham cakes and pickles. Elsie East and Isla and Cordie Blair was there.

While we were away some one left some presents for Josie and I.

I got a pair of bed room slippers. John sent them. Paul Bennett sent me a box of nice candy and Grace Brumfield gave me a box of candy. I thank them both.

8 oclock

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Thursday, January  9, 1919

Thursday, January 9, 1919

A cold windy day. Ben went to Glenland this morning to the meeting of the School Board. This evening he worked on Owens house. Jim Brumfield helped him today on the house. Josie and Virginia made some candy today. They got dinner. I worked some button holes in Hazel Smith's dresses and mended some things. Late this evening Edna and I went to Carries.

Virginia is here tonight.

Alma Bennett sent me a present today, a dress ready to wear. I am glad of it.

10 oclock and the wind is blowing hard and it is very cold.

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Thursday, December 25, 1919

Thursday, December 25, 1919

A beautiful day. We was all at home at dinner. Ben hunted a little. He killed a rabbit and a bird.

I got dinner. We had sparribs & cabbage & chicken and cakes. We had no company.

Carries children come a while this morning. Carries and Bens children gave me some nice presents. I was invited to dinner at Lee Brumfields but I did not go.

Josie straitened up things some but the baby cried so much that she could not do anything much.

The children spent the day playing with the toys that they got this morning.

9 oclock

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Sunday, December 28, 1919

Sunday, December 28, 1919

A good day. Ben & family and Thelma & Mary went to Jim Powers and spent the day. Mrs Car gave them several new presents.

I staid at home all day. Swept the floors, fed the pigs, milked the cows, got in wood, fixed a little custard, and eat by myself.

I guess I would of went to some of their homes but thought I might be in the way. They might be going some where and I would be a bother. Be sides I did not feel like walkin far.

Miss Janie Gravely & Mr Aubra Hendricks come here tonight to see Thelma & Mary. They were gone to Lee Brumfields. Jack Harvey come after them.

8 oclock

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