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Wednesday, December 18, 1918

Wednesday, December 18, 1918

A good day. Ben and Marvin went to Kates and killed her hogs. Josie and I worked on our lard and sausage. Josie ground and made the sausage and dried up some of the lard.

I worked at the wash house and she at the house.

Ben brought some things at Renan to day.

I got a piece of flanel from Chatham by mail to day. Josie sent Effies knitting to day.

9 oclock

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Tuesday, December  9, 1919

Tuesday, December 9, 1919

A rainy bad day. Jim & Ben could not do anything much.

Josie got dinner. Bessie (col) washed some. This evening Bessie went a way from here.

I cooked the chidlins at the wash house. I cleaned up the cabbin this morning.

I went to William Gilberts (col) a few minutes & come by Marvins. Carrie was sewing on her a dress.

Jim & Ben caught a rabbit just at night. Josie dressed it.

Henry & Edna got in the wood to night. Guess they will have that to do now Bess is gone.

I boiled the first of our offal to day.

8 oclock

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Saturday February 19, 1921

Saturday February 19, 1921

A bad evening. Hail and rain. Jim & Ben cut stalks for feed this morning. Henry helped them. Josie got dinner. I boiled some meat at the wash house and burnt some bre[ad?]. Evlyn made some candy and poped some corn. The children is foolish a bout Evylin. She is good to play with them. Ben & Jim put some tobacco in the pit after it commenced to rain.

Marvin come a while this evening. Josie got supper tonight. Nellie and Evylin washed dishes to night.

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Friday February 25, 1921

Friday February 25, 1921

A clear colde day. Ben finished stripping tobacco. Dave Walker went to Chatham. Jim went with him. Marvin carried them to Gretna. Josie got dinner. I washed some this morning. This evening Carrie come and all of the children a little while. I was glad that they come. Charles Harvey come in here a few minutes this evening.

I am so anxious to see all of the children. It keeps so colde that I cant go to see them and they dont come.

Ben got wood and water at the wash house this morning.

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Monday July 11, 1921

Monday July 11, 1921

A good day. No rain yet to do any good. The boys worked in the tobacco some this morning. Ben finished covering the barn shetter this evening. Jim & Ben & Henry got up the potatoes this evening. Josie got dinner and made Julia a dress.

I got up soon this morning and made a fire & brough a bucket of water. Washed last nights dishes then got the breakfast before any one else come. I then milked the cow. Made a fire at the wash house and washed until twelve.

Eat dinner and churned then went to Marvins. Reese carried his mother & all the children. The river was so mudy that we did not catch anything any acount.

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